Bravo Says the Actors Accept the Error

The day before the match against Uruguay USA Cup Chile was in trouble. Rumors erupted that the Chilean news and “La Rose” players did not follow the relevant health rules Confederation confirmed Members of the delegation “break the isolated bubble” by taking a hairdresser to the concentration of the team in Cuiabil (MD).

The team captain, experienced goalkeeper Claudio Bravo spoke on behalf of the team and felt that the actors in the episode were wrong. However, Villar stressed that the team tried to take precautionary measures during training yesterday (19).

“Of course we know we live with the theme of the epidemic. We'm lucky not to have the epidemic on our team, we know the mistakes we made, we consider the consequences and clarify the situation in which we were not trained. Under normal circumstances yesterday it was for safety. So we decided to work separately inside the hotel. We need to clarify. Besides, we consider error. We all accept the consequences of our actions, “Bravo declared.

The goalkeeper remembered the image the athletes were carrying and the example they had to give, so they considered what happened even if the hairdresser considered the negative PCR test a “failure”:

“We consider our mistakes with the whole personality. We are in a situation where the epidemic is very strong, so if we fail in this kind of thing, we are feeding the wrong things. The most important thing is to admit the mistakes. The person even if he has fulfilled previous announcements.”

Finally, Bravo hopes this chapter will bring a learning curve for Chilean players.

“We can always make mistakes, make mistakes, and the best thing to learn and strengthen is to make the situation as good as possible so it never happens again. The most important thing: if you make a mistake, don't do the same thing over and over again,” he said.

The Chile coach considers it a “serious error”

The breakdown of the technology bubble was considered by technologist Martin Lazarde a "Big mistake" Chile - Chile Federation - Chile Federation
Technician Martin Lazarde called the rupture of the health bubble a “serious mistake” for the Chilean team.

Image: Confederation of Chile

Chile coach Martin Lazarde gave a virtual interview in that line and classified the hairdresser's episode as a “serious error”, but he made a similar comment to Bravo about the example that should be given to learning and community.

“My players have already stated the magnitude of a serious error that can be easily resolved in another way, but it's not so, so we'll pay if you have to pay a price. There is nothing else to do. In a definite way. We live in a difficult time and we need to set an example, “said Lazarde.

Lazarde denies that another episode occurred

Throughout the day, the Chilean press speculated that at least six players would have hosted a party with people who were not part of the delegation. However, Martin Lazarde rejected this hypothesis:

“No. The only situation we faced was the barber situation.”

The Confederation of Chile confirmed the chapter of the hairdresser with an official note and announced that it would impose fines on the players involved, to break the health bubbles as Copa America's regulation imposes a $ 15,000 fine (which it will also have to pay).

Chile and Uruguay face off in the third round of the Copa America group stage tomorrow (21), at 6pm (GMT), at the Arena Pantanal in Guayaquil (MT).