Borgen Season 4 Release Date: Plot Details, Cast Members And Much More!

For those who haven't seen Borgen: Power and Glory, aka Borgen season 4, the wait is now over. As longtime viewers will recall, the first season of Borgen chronicled the unlikely rise to power of Danish Prime Minister Birgitte Nyborg, a centrist politician.

Since then, she has become an entrepreneur and speaker before founding the New Democrats, an anti-establishment political party in the United States. Birgitte embraces her post as Foreign Minister in Borgen – Power & Glory. Sidse Babett Knudsen declares, “Borgen is back, and it's long overdue.”

“I've been waiting for this moment so long that I'm on the verge of bursting. The opportunity to ride the carousel again with this character, whom I cherish, was a real treat.”

Borgen – Power and Glory concentrates on some of the most pressing political concerns of our time, including the importance of Denmark in the modern world, the war between the superpowers for control of the Arctic, and, of course, climate change.

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The quest for power and what it may do to a person's professional and personal life are significant themes in the novel.

The Release Date of Borgen Season 4

On Thursday, June 2, 2022, Netflix will premiere Borgen — Power & Glory, an eight-episode series that will be available worldwide. Netflix already has the first three seasons of Borgen.

The show's plot summary reads:

“Among the many hot-button subjects addressed in Borgen – Power and Glory are the significance of Denmark's realm in the modern world, the struggle of superpowers for control of the Arctic, and climate change. It's all about power and what it does to people – both professionally and personally – in the primary plot.”

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The Cast of Borgen Season 4

The Borgen: Power & Glory cast has officially been announced, including the performers listed below.

  • Birgitte Nyborg was played by Sidse Babett Knudsen.
  • Birgitte Hjort Sorensen portrays Katrine Fnsmark in the film.
  • Mikkel Kirkegaard is played by Boe Flsgaard in the film.
  • In the role of Oliver Hjorth, Simon Bennebjerg.
  • Magnus Millang plays Rasmus Gren Lundbaek, and zlem Saglanmark plays Narciza Aydin.
  • Torben Friis, played by Sren Malling.
  • Hans Eliassen is played by Svend Hardenberg.
  • Magnus Nyborg Christensen is played by Lucas Lynggaard Tnnesen.
  • Jon Berthelsen (Jens Albinus) in the role.
  • Michael Laugesen is played by Peter Mygind.
  • In the role of Philip Christensen, Mikael Birkkjör
  • Laura Nyborg Christensen is played by Freja Riemann.
  • Bent Sejr is played by Lars Knutzon.
  • Pia Munk is played by Lisbeth Wulff.
  • Morten Kirskov portrays Niels Erik Lund in the film.
  • Dan Vestergaard, played by Kasper Lange, is a Danish actor.
  • Lars Mikkelsen plays Sren Ravn in the film.
  • Laura Allen Müller Smith plays Nadia Barazani in the film.
  • Signe Egholm Olsen portrays Anne Sophie Lindenkrone in the film.
  • Signe Kragh's Prime Ministerial Candidate, Johanne Louise Schmidt.

Sren Malling reprises his role as journalist Torben Friis, Signe Egholm Olsen reprises her role as politician Anne Sophie Lindenkrone, Mikael Birkkjaer reprises his role as Birgitte's ex-husband Philip Christensen, Lisbeth Wulff reprises her role as journalist Pia Munk, Lars Mikkelsen reprises his role as economist Sren Ravn, Laura Allen Müller Smith reprises her role as

As a result of Netflix's acquisition of rights to the series, Borgen has added several stars from Netflix's Danish series The Rain, including Mikkel Boe Flsgaard and Lucas Lynggaard Tönnesen, along with zlem Saglanak, Simon Bennebjerg, Johanna Louise Schmidt, and Magnus Millang.

Finally, Game of Thrones actor Pilou Asbok, who played Kasper Juul, the show's spin doctor and broadcaster, will not return for the fourth season. Katrine is the mother of the character's child in the series.

Borgen Season 4 Has How Many Episodes?

These are the episode titles for the entire season.

  1. The Future is Female
  2. The Lesser of Two Evils
  3. Inuit Nunaat: Land of the People
  4. The Minister Doesn't Wish to Comment
  5. A Near-Arctic State
  6. Power in Denmark
  7. Just Make It Go Away
  8. Mother of the Sea

What Is The Plot of Borgen Season 4?

Borgen 4

Birgitte Nyborg will go on a new political odyssey in season four of Borgen, dubbed Borgen: Power and Glory.

“Birgitte Nyborg is the newly appointed foreign affairs minister when a drilling company suddenly discovers oil in Greenland,” reads the official summary.

Despite Denmark's ‘big brother' connection with Greenland, when it comes to international superpowers, Denmark is the minor player – and an unruly one at that… An event that marks the beginning of a global war for supremacy in the Arctic, Nyborg must continually accept…

Additionally, the season will be devoted to Katrine Fnsmark's adventure. Now that Birgitte has returned to the world of journalism, she is in charge of a large national television station's news section after having previously served as its head of press. When asked about her hopes for the show's future, star Sidse Babett Knudsen said she had “sky-high ambitions.”

Borgen 4

After a long pause, “Borgen” is finally getting back on the air. I'm about to burst with excitement, and I've been anticipating this moment for so long. There are a lot of folks I'm looking forward to meeting this season, as well as revisiting some of my favorite characters from previous seasons,” she remarked.

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It's essential to use discretion while expressing your views. However, I have big hopes for this initiative.” Most of all, I'm looking forward to returning to Birgitte Nyborg after a long absence. It's an honor to ride the carousel with this character again, whom I adore.”

Does Borgen Season 4 Have a Trailer?

Once again, after such an extended absence, a trailer for Borgen season 4 appeared. We are anxious to see what happens in the world of Birgitte Nyborg this time. You can see the trailer here…

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