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It is no longer necessary to treat video game movie adaptations as if they were radioactive. Detective Pikachu and now Sonic the Hedgehog have helped to alleviate some of the historical stigma associated with creating a video game movie.

As well as the resulting worry of succumbing to critical acclaim and ending up negatively on the financial front. As a result of this stunning turn of events, a Borderlands film adaptation has been greenlit, with director-actor Eli Roth of Inglorious Basterd's renowned directing and starring.


Borderlands is one of the most popular and enduring franchises within the relatively insular world of video game culture. While those unfamiliar with it may only vaguely recognize it at first glance, it is one of the most popular and enduring franchises within the relatively insular world of video game culture.

Extreme violence, alien eldritch abominations, fantastic villains, and sassy robots are all included in this popular franchise, which takes place in a Mad-Max-style wasteland. In its first week of release, Borderlands 3, which was published in September 2019


Set a new record for its distributor, 2K Games, by being the fastest-selling title the company has ever produced, with five million units distributed. Here's what you can anticipate from the franchise's explosive return to the big screen.

The Borderlands Movie is Set to Be Released on What Date Exactly?


Because it is still extremely early in the production process, it is impossible to predict when the film will be released in an acceptable range. As a result, it's important to remember that many movies — especially video game adaptations — are plagued by lengthy periods of development hell.

(Sonic's character redesign fiasco is only the most recent example of what might go wrong). Putting that aside, the fact that The Hollywood Reporter mentions writer Craig Mazarin's work in the past tense suggests that the script is either done or very close to being finished.

In the Borderlands Movie; Who Has Been Cast?


Because the new director and screenplay have only recently been confirmed, there is no official word on big casting. At PAX East 2020, Roth stated that he would want to employ cosplayers as extras in the film and give them their wonderful live-the-game moment by having them slain by one of the notable characters.

If that seems crass, keep in mind that this is an M-rated first-person shooter video game property being adapted and that Eli Roth, the director of Hostel, is speaking out on the subject matter.

It would be a pleasure for any die-hard admirer to (fictionally) die on camera in his honor. Cosplayers thought to be elite in Borderlands are seen as such by many because they put out the additional effort to paint themselves and their costumes in such a way that they appear to be cel-shaded in the same manner as the game's characters.

We're not sure how much we should take what Roth says literally, but it might provide insight into his aesthetic vision for the picture.

According to the schedule, the first casting announcement will be mn M2020. IGN reports that Cate Blanchett, the Oscar-winning actress, has formally and improbably signed on to star in the Mazin-penned video game project. Lilith, the thief-siren, is the character she will portray.

As if in reaction to fan anticipation, which had been building to a fever pitch, we learned that comedian Kevin Hart had been formally cast in the role of Roland (via IGN). While there haven't been any new casting announcements to report, those are unquestionably two critical pieces on which to construct the remainder of the film's ensemble.


What Is the Storyline of the Borderlands Film?


There are currently no official details available for the Eli Roth-directed project. Still, past rumors and leaks have hinted that Lilith the Siren may be the protagonist of a hypothetical Borderlands film. This supposition was given credibility by the early casting of Blanchett in the lead role.

In June of this year, Full Circle Cinema reported on the putative centralization of a female protagonist as an exclusive story. However, this article included the name of a prior screenwriter and was published before Roth and the current screenwriter, Craig Mazin, were connected to the project.

Although Lilith is one of the Vault Hunters from the original game and goes on to play an essential role as an NPC in both sequels, there is presently no assurance that she will appear in any sequel.


The protagonists (over a dozen distinct playable characters over the three major Borderlands games) are on a quest to find Vaults left behind by an extinct extraterrestrial civilization known as the Indians, which is the central narrative of all three Borderlands games.

The Vaults hold both valuable technology and ancient cosmic monsters that must be defeated to prevent them from destroying entire planets and, in some cases, the whole universe.

There are a variety of prospective adversaries to pick from, depending on whatever video game the film intends to draw the most inspiration from for its themes.

Considering that video game film adaptations are typically highly, extremely loose versions of their original material, we wouldn't necessarily put our money on Roth's rendition directly copying any one game's storyline.

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