Boo Monsters Inc: Signs That Abby From “Turning Red” is Boo From “Monsters, Inc.

Fans loved so many things about “Turning Red”: the nostalgia for boybands, the good teen friendships, the honest look at how awkward puberty is, and so on. Abby Park, a fun-loving Korean-Canadian friend, loved for her passion and acting skills, is hard to miss among Mei's loyal group of quirky friends.

@marmayeesa2022 made a theory that went viral on Tiktok that Abby is Boo from Pixar's “Monsters, Inc.” It's a pretty good theory. Fans liked her character, Abby, so much that they made hundreds of Tiktok pages with only Abby content.

Signs That Abby From “Turning Red” is Boo From “Monsters, Inc.”

The TikTok video shows a picture of Abby hugging Mei in her red panda form with excitement because she is so fluffy. The theorist says that Boo liked how smooth Sulley was and even showed another picture of Boo hugging Sulley in the same way that Abby hugged Mei.

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On Twitter, many people said that Abby looked like an older version of Boo and that she loved the red panda so much because it made her think of Sulley. Fans also noticed that Abby's purple dungarees have flowers that look like the design on Boo's door in Pixar's “Monsters, Inc.”

Boo Monsters Inc

Jon Negroni wrote the view that all Pixar movies take place in the same universe and are connected. If this is true, Boo must be in “Turning Red.” This theory, which now has a 7-minute video on YouTube explaining it, is compelling, especially for fans of the Pixar Theory.

Negroni's theory, which hasn't been updated to include Pixar movies made after 2012, says that after Sulley leaves Boo in the first “Monsters Inc.”, she spends her whole life trying to find him. In the process, she learns how the monsters use doors, which lets her travel through time.

After she finds Sulley, she returns in time and becomes the witch from “Brave.” The witch has a wood carving of Sulley, is crazy about bears, and changes her whole house with the door technique. She lives there for the rest of her life.

Fans who believe this theory also wonder if they've seen the character in the Toy Story movies or Finding Nemo. Abby wears the same colors and has the same kinds of accessories as Boo. Their faces look alike, and they both get excited when they see big, fluffy things.

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Abby From “Turning Red” is Not the Same Person as Boo From “Monsters, Inc.”

Many Pixar fans were excited about the idea that Abby could be Boo, but it turns out that it's not true. Boo's real name is Mary Gibbs. Even though many people think she is Asian, her file in “Monsters, Inc.” shows that she is Hispanic.

Boo Monsters Inc

Also, if you don't believe in the Pixar Theory, Boo and Abby's timeline is all wrong since Abby was a teenager in 2002 and Boo was only two years old. Even though this theory isn't true, fans loved how Abby's character made them feel at home and reminded them of ancient times.