Boo, Bit*h Release Date: Cast, Plot And Trailer

Many narratives center on pivotal moments in the main character's life. Still, a recently released limited series on Netflix takes this theme and applies it in a manner that is somewhat more direct.

Boo, Bit*h is a spooky comedy that follows a high school student who is getting set to emerge from her wallflower status. It's only that she is unaware that the shell is her own body.

Erika Vu, a senior in high school played by Lana Condor, realizes that the time has come to live the life of her dreams as her final year of high school draws to a close and resolves to have a wild night out.

Everything works beyond her wildest dreams, except for one minor detail: she discovers that she has passed away when she wakes up the following day. Since Erika Vu is now a ghost, she has several things to figure out, the most important of which is how to finish off some of the unfinished business from her existence.

Erica has concluded that her recent passing will be the ideal impetus to launch her to the heights of influencer renown and keep her out of the catacombs. A potential upside to her transition into her new non-corporeal form is that she may now enjoy more social standing than she had in high school.

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This teen-ghost comedy limited series produced by Netflix draws more cues from movies like Book Smart and the recently released Rebel Wilson comedy Senior Year than from classics like The Sixth Sense. Everything that we know about the series is presented here.

When Is the Release Date for Boo, Bit*h?

Boo, Bit*h
Boo, Bit*h

On July 8, 2022, Boo, Bit*h will be available to stream on Netflix. This initial release will consist of a total of eight episodes that are each thirty minutes long. It is still unknown whether or not Netflix intends to release more show episodes, given that the streaming service classifies it as a limited series. The series' popularity will likely determine whether or not there will be more parts.

Check Out the Trailer for Boo, Bit*h

There are a lot of ghost stories out there these days: What's unusual about this one? From the trailer, it appears to be an original combination of supernatural teen humor and coming-of-age stories.

To its credit, the program doesn't seem to take itself too seriously and even finds humor in Vu's premature end, as evidenced by the teaser. It's refreshing to see Lana Condor's humorous side, as fans of To All the Boys I've Loved Before may expect.

At one point, she thinks she can merely go through a glass door like the ghosts of popular culture and television. Then she asks, “Oh wait, can I? “before continuing, “At least I can't become pregnant as a ghost.” The question is, “Are ghost babies a reality?”

The teaser also discloses some of the show's most important story points. Since she has unfinished business in her mortal existence, it appears that Vu is stranded on this planet for some reason.

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She will, of course, find a way around the fact that she will die. She discovers that she can stay in the public eye even after she dies with tremendous acclaim than she had in life. An iconic tagline is heard in the trailer: “Something nasty this way coming” as Vu, a former high school nobody, strives to live out the life she's always dreamed of in the afterlife.

Who Are the Cast Members of Boo, Bit*h?

Boo, Bit*h
Boo, Bit*h

The most well-known face here is Lana Condor. She stars as Erika Vu, but she's also been in several Y.A. and rom-com films in the past. She is most known for her role as Lara Jean Covey in the To All the Boys film series, based on the popular books by Jenny Han.

Earlier this year, she featured in Moonshot, a science fiction romantic comedy on HBO Max. In addition to his role as a cast member, Condor serves as the show's executive producer. As Lana revealed in an interview with Seventeen Magazine, Erika Vu has a few secrets.

It is said about her, “She's garbage and cruel.” when I play this role, she turns into the worst person ever,” she said. Seeing how this relationship plays out and how she goes about living her best life after death is going to be fascinating.

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Some young stars on the rise join Lana Condor on set. Zoe Colletti plays Gia (Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark), Jake C. is played by Mason Versaw (Gossip Girl), Riley is played by Aparna Brielle (A.P. Bio), Gavin is played by Tenzing Norgay Trainor (Liv and Maddie), and Devon is played by Jason Genao (On my Block).

What Is the Storyline of Boo, Bit*h?

Boo, Bit*h
Boo, Bit*h

A summary of Netflix's description of the Boo, Bit*h storyline reads:

“For much of her life, a high school senior named Lauren Iungerich (of On My Block and Awkward fame) and Erin Ehrlich (of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and King of the Hill fame) has managed to stay out of the public's eye. When she learns that she has the power to change her story in a single night and begin living an “epic life,” she seizes the chance… after which she awoke the following morning to discover that she is a “motherf*% king ghost.”