Bobby Darin Death – Pop Singer Dies at the Age of 37?

Bobby Darin Death: Bobby Darin was a famous American singer who tragically lost prematurely at the age of 37. There are still those who don't know exactly what happened when Bobby Darin passed away, so we've included a link to his official Cause of Death. Bobby Darin's Cause of Death is discussed on this page for the benefit of readers.

Who Was Bobby Darin?

Bobby Darin was an American musician and actor. He covered a wide range of musical styles, from jazz to pop to rock to folk to swing to country. His first job in the industry was writing songs for Connie Francis. In 1958 he released “Splish Splash,” which became his first multimillion-selling hit.

Bobby Darin Death

Next came “Dream Lover,” “Mack the Knife,” and “Beyond the Sea,” all of which contributed to his meteoric rise to prominence around the world. His first picture, Come September, starring Sandra Dee (who would later become his first wife) and himself, won a Golden Globe in 1962.

What Was Bobby Carin's Death Cause?

Bobby had a minor heart attack in January 1971. A little later, he had open-heart surgery to have two prosthetic heart valves implanted. After a six-hour open-heart surgery at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, Bobby Darin tragically passed away on December 20, 1973, due to a malfunction of the artificial valves. Within a matter of minutes, he passed away in the recovery room from the effects of the surgery. He specified in his will that he wanted his body to be used for scientific investigation after his death.

Bobby Darin's Personal Life

In a December 1, 1960, wedding, Darin wed actress Sandra Dee. They became acquainted on the set of Come September. Dodd Mitchell Darin was born to the couple on December 16, 1961. In March of 1967, Dee and Darin split up.

Andrea Yeager, a legal assistant whom Darin met in 1970, became his second wife on June 25, 1973. They had been together for three years before their marriage. The burden of Darin's deteriorating health led to the couple's divorce four months later, in October 1973.

Bobby Darin's Career

Darin's career took off in 1955 when he teamed up with Don Kirshner to write hit songs. “Splish Splash” was his first hit in the rock and roll genre. His ballad “Dream Lover,” a ballad he wrote and released in 1959, sold millions of copies. In the late 1950s, Darin was a huge star, breaking attendance records at New York City's Copacabana and performing at the biggest casinos in Las Vegas.

Bobby Darin Death

His 1960 recording of “Artificial Flowers” from the Broadway musical Tenderloin included a jazzy, big band arrangement. Darin played “Honeyboy Jones” on an early episode of Jackie Cooper's CBS military sitcom/drama Hennesey. He signed with all five major Hollywood film studios in the same year. His final UK top-ten success was a cover of Tim Hardin's “If I Were A Carpenter”.

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