Bob Odenkirk Net Worth 2022: What is the Better Call Saul Star Worth?

Robert John Odenkirk, born October 22, 1962, is an American actor, comedian, and filmmaker. He is best known for his role as Saul Goodman in the dramas Breaking Bad (2008-2013) and Better Call Saul (2015-2022).

For which he got five Primetime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series (one of which is pending). He co-created and starred in the HBO sketch comedy series “Mr. Show” with Bob and David Cross, another comic and buddy (1995–1998).

Bob Odenkirk Net Worth

Let's look at Bob Odenkirk's net worth and successful career.

Odenkirk rose to prominence for his depiction of Saul Goodman and has since been in many high-profile films and television shows. Odenkirk is also well-known for his work as a voice actor. He has many famous productions as a successful director and producer.

Bob Odenkirk's Personal Life

In the early 1990s, Bob Odenkirk dated Janeane Garofalo, who, along with Bob and David, helped make Mr. Show and is also an actor and writer. Odenkirk wed Naomi Yomtov in 1997.

Bob Odenkirk Net Worth

Later, she became the show's executive producer. Together, they have two children. Bob has won Primetime Emmys for Outstanding Writing in a Variety Series as part of his job.

The Screen Actors Guild gave him an Outstanding Ensemble in a Drama Series, the Avignon Film Festival presented him an award for Best Feature, and the Satellite Awards gave him awards for Best Actor in a Dramatic TV Series and Best Cast in a Movie.

Bob Odenkirk's Net Worth

Inside Bob Odenkirk's Net Worth and Successful Life, we learned that he makes a lot of money and has expensive assets, which add up to a $30 million net worth. He has made much money because of his lead role on Better Call Saul's AMC show.

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At its peak, each episode of “Breaking Bad” earned Bob $100,000. In the first season of the spinoff “Better Call Saul,” which he also produced and starred in, he made $100,000 per episode. And every season, he makes about $4 million, or $400,000 per episode.

Bob Odenkirk Net Worth

Bob Odenkirk owns five houses, four cars, and a luxury yacht. Bob Odenkirk's assets also include over $9 million in cash. Bob Odenkirk also has 8 stocks in companies like Boeing, PayPal, Qualcomm, Netflix, and AT&T that are worth $8 million and make up his investment portfolio.

Bob Odenkirk's Real Estate & Cars

In 1998, Odenkirk and his wife bought a home in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles for just over $675,000. The house was built in the 1950s and had a living space of about 2,900 square feet, high ceilings, and large windows with stunning views of the canyons and city lights.

In 2010, Bob and his wife lived in a home in Bronson Canyon worth $675,000. In 2014, Bob and his wife put the house on the market for $2.49 million. Ultimately, they agreed on a lower price of $2.45 million.

In 2015, Bob Odenkirk moved to a house in the Hollywood Hills that was 2,800 square feet. The home has historic Spanish architecture and a beautiful view of the canyons. It cost him $3.3 million to buy the house.

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The outside area has a pool, a jacuzzi, and well-kept plants, among other things. Bob Odenkirk just spent $80,000 USD on a Volvo XC90.

Bob Odenkirk Net Worth

Bob Odenkirk also has an Audi RS Q8 that he bought for $250,000. Odenkirk also has Vehicles like BMW X7 and Land Rover Defender in his Garage.

Bob Odenkirk Awards

  • Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series, Primetime Emmy Awards
  • Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Ensemble Performance in a Drama Series
  • Best Feature at the Avignon Film Festival
  • Satellite Awards for Best Motion Picture Cast and Best Actor – Drama Television Series

Better Call Saul Salary

Bob received $100,000 each episode during the peak of “Breaking Bad.” In the first season of his role on and production of the “Better Call Saul” spinoff, he earned $150,000 per episode. As of this writing, he is paid $200,000 every episode, or around $2 million per season.

Facts About Bob Odenkirk

  • Zodiac Sign- Libra
  • Full Name- Robert John Odenkirk
  • Favorite Dish- Pasta
  • Favorite Colour- Blue
  • Favorite Sport- Soccer
  • Favorite Music Artist- Bob Dylan
  • Favorite Holiday- Destination Norway
  • Favorite Actor- Al Pacino
  • Lucky Number- Seven (7)