Blue Lock Chapter 220 Spoilers, Release Date, Recap and Where To Read!

In the midst of the battle between the Bastards of Munich and the Ubers of Italy, a new power emerged. As Aiku activates his secondary weapon, the strongest defense is met by the insanity of his meta vision.

This weapon is formidable since it can reveal Isagi's whole strategy. The Italy Ubers, led by Aiku, have dismantled the once-unstoppable duo of Isagi and Kurona. As Yukimiya sprints into the box, Aiku is within a few centimeters from the ball.

Can Isagi win the game for us? On May 22, 2023, Blue Lock Chapter 219 was released, and it ended on a cliffhanger. Starting the chapter on the offensive helped Bastard Munich. Kunigami.

Using his newfound meta-vision, Niko tries to halt the advance, but he is no match for Isagi. After tearing around the field and finally getting inside shooting range, Isagi had his shot stopped by the ultimate defender, Aiku.

Aiku is wise to Isagi's ploy. Don't forget about Isagi until it's too late! In this article, we will read Blue Lock Chapter 220 Release Date in detail. Keep reading to know more.

Blue Lock Chapter 220 Release Date

The next chapter of Blue Lock will pick up where the previous one left off, and it's scheduled for release on May 29, 2023, at 12 a.m. JST.

Blue Lock Chapter 220 Spoilers

Let's Take A Look at the Recap of Blue Lock Chapter 220

Kunigami snatches the ball from the Italy Ubers team in Blue Lock Chapter 219. He then makes a break for the net, sending the opposing defense into a frenzy. Despite Peron's best efforts, Kunigami is able to advance the ball and score.

Isagi notices Kunigami making progress toward the goal and realizes that he is attempting to do it alone; however, he also realizes that Kunigami cannot succeed since he lacks the physical strength to fend off the three players who are charging directly at him.

While Isagi is confident that if he teamed up with Kunigami, they would be able to easily score the goal, Kunigami isn't the kind to simply hand the ball off to someone at their request. In the end, he only cares about himself.

Kunigami gets tied up in the box, and Isagi takes advantage of the situation to steal the ball. Isagi uses his meta-vision to make educated assumptions about the course of the game and formulate a general strategy for winning. Meanwhile, Niko's been using his new Meta Vision to keep a watch on Isagi and foil his intentions.

Niko studies Isagi's strategy and immediately moves to where the ball should be. While Kunigami is trying to breach Italy's defenses, he arrives at the same time. It's a toss-up whether you'll win or lose in an Uber, but then something crazy happens.

Niko was utilizing his meta vision when Raichi ran up to him and stopped him. The heroic Duel King Raichi has arrived. Niko seems perplexed as he fails to recognize Raichi's approach.

Isagi informs Niko that he should not have relied so heavily on his shaky precognition. Niko was preoccupied with his thoughts on Isagi and the ball, so he failed to notice when Raichi shifted positions behind him.

Isagi capitalized on the fact that Niko's meta-vision was incomplete by moving in a way that further blurred his eyesight. He completely overlooked Raichi, who would have been an easy victory for him. Isagi triumphed in a battle of meta-visions.

Isagi sprints up to Niko and grabs the ball while warning him that the data he's getting from his eyes and brain isn't great yet. Raichi is upset that Isagi got the spotlight instead of him, but he doesn't show it.

Even though there are just defenders left, he keeps moving for the goal. Kurona calls on Isagi for assistance, and the two of them enter the punishment zone. Aiku, however, puts a halt to the golden duo.

Isagi doesn't understand how Aiku anticipated his every move, therefore he's perplexed. Without meta vision, this is nearly impossible. Aiku teases Isagi by asking whether he can join their advanced chess match.

Isagi keeps his cool and opts for his second weapon, lefty direct. The fact that Aiku's left foot is weaker than his right makes it surprisingly simple for him to see through Isagi's strategy.

As if he were aware of Isagi's plan the whole time, he charges straight at the ball and intercepts it. The rapid pace of events is frightening even Isagi. Yukimiya suddenly enters the box through the opening created by Isagi and signals for a pass.

What To Expect from Blue Lock Chapter 220 (Spoilers)?

The release of Blue Lock Chapter 220 has fans searching for spoilers and additional information. There is currently no set time for the release of Chapter 220 spoilers. However, followers can anticipate its release within the following few weeks.

Blue Lock Chapter 220 Spoilers

The last episode featured Isagi's victory over Niko's meta-vision and also featured Oliver Aiku's meta-vision. It was also revealed by Aiku's meta vision that Isagi's left foot is less precise than his right.

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