Bloomines vs Corinthians: Where to Look, Forces, Fraud and Moderators | Brazilian Series A

Fluminence e Corinthians This Sunday, at 4pm (GMT), in a game valid for the seventh round in Sao Jonrio (Maracana is awarded to Copa America) Brazil Championship. Only one point separates the two teams in the table: the triangle started the rounds in ninth place with nine points, while Diamond finished 11th with eight points.

Fluminense lost 1-0 to Atletico-GO in Coenia, resulting in a 14-game unbeaten run in Serie A: their last loss to the Corinthians was a 5-0 defeat at the Neo Kumica Arena. With 100% success at home so far, Roger Machado’s team will try to use the field factor to rehabilitate himself in the championship.

The Corinthians, unbeaten in two rounds, came from a 2-1 victory in the Neo Quemica arena against the midfielder of the week and were driven to Rio de Janeiro with the reputation of an indigestible spectator: matches far from their domains in season 14, not conceded in Timo 11. At the Brazilian National, they conceded just one goal in three distant games.



PVC Fluminance x Analyzes Corinthians

PVC Fluminance x Analyzes Corinthians

The Bloomines and Corinthians have already faced 113 times in history, with 41 wins for Rio de Janeiro, 40 wins for Sao Paulo and 32 tracks. However, Tricolor never defeated Timio in So Janorio: in two duels at Vasco da Gama, Ballistas won 3-1 in 1950 and 2-0 in 1966, both in the Rio-Sவோo Paulo match.

Streaming: TV broadcasts the Globo game live on the network, with the story of Kleber Machado and the comments of Kyo Ribeiro and Jr. The premiere broadcasts the match throughout Brazil, with the story of Daniel Pereira and the comments of Renata Mendonia and Rogue Jr.

Since there will be a double round in Sao Zanurio – the Blumines will play with the Corinthians at 4:00 pm, and Vasco will face Brusk at 9:00 pm, Serie B -, the staff will be mobilized to quickly disinfect the guest and guest locker. Rooms between one game and another.

Check out the dual-round accepted disinfectant protocol in Sao Jonrio – Photo: Gee

Fluminence – Roger Machado, Technician

Roger Machado will not be there this time to repeat this sequence. Without Samuel Xavier, the coach also lost Kyo Ballista, who has muscle problem, with pain in his left thigh. Gallery and Egidio are back, but the coach has to make more changes due to the wear and tear of the marathon games. Need to save Nene and Fred.

Possible sequence of fluminence: Marcos Felipe; Gallery, Nino, Lucas Claro and Egidio; Martinelli, Yako and Goose; Louis Henrique (Keiki), Cரேceres (Gabriel Dixiera) and Abel Hernandez.

Possible sequence of pluminescence against Corinthians – Photo: G.

  • Who's out: Samuel Xavier (left thigh), Kayo Ballista (muscular dystrophy), Hudson (right knee), and John Kennedy (physical restoration after Govit-19).
  • Hanging: Louis Henrique and Abel Hernandez.

Corinthians – Coach Sylvinho

Coach Sylvinho will have a chance to repeat the team's 2-1 win over Sport in the middle of the week. Witinho, who joined the team in place of Ronnie, put in a good performance and further attacked the team. Without Luan, there is still a tendency to get injured and repeat 11 of the last game.

Possible Corinthian lineage: Casio; Faulkner, Jono Victor, Gill and Fabio Santos; Condillo and Gabriel; Gustavo Mosquito, Whitinho and Matus Vital; Work

Corinthians vs. Fluminense – Photo: G.

  • Who's out: Luan (left femoral tendonitis), Leo Natal (shoulder displacement), Odero (Venezuela national team), Cuco Francia (hernia hernia surgery), Gabriel Pereira (after left thigh injury), Ruan Olivera and Gustavo Change to rural areas in).
  • Hanging: Aras, Gabriel, Ramiro and Ronnie.

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Savio Pereira de Sampayo Match Referee – Photo: Agensia Estado

  • Referee: Savio Pereira Champaign (DF)
  • Assistant 1: Daniel Henrik da Silva Andrade (DF)
  • Assistant 2: Jose Reynoldo Nacimento Jr. (DF)
  • 4th Referee: Daniel Victor Costa Silva (RJ)
  • Video Referee (VAR): Daniel Nobre Pins (RS)