Bling Empire Season 3 Release Date: Who Are the New Cast Member?

On May 13, one of the most extravagant reality programs that Netflix has to offer is finally going to make its comeback. Get ready to shine brighter than ever before alongside the stunning ensemble of Bling Empire.

After portraying some of the most scandalous and wealthy Asian and Asian American socialites in Los Angeles in 2021, the reality program streamed on Netflix soared to notoriety and became extremely popular.

What are the possibilities that spectators will get another peek at the luxury drama in Season 3? Their high-society shenanigans have already provided as much sparkle and glamour as you could possibly desire or anticipate from a glimpse inside their world.

Bling Empire Season 3 Renewal

In spite of the fact that the show is very popular, it is possible that the show's continuation will not be a given, since there may be obstacles in the way of producing more seasons. According to People, towards the end of April, one of the program's stars, Kelly Mi Li, accused the executive producer of Bling Empire, Jeff Jenkins, of stealing the premise of the show without giving her credit.

In the complaint, Li asserts that she discussed her concept for a reality program with Jenkins as early as 2018 and that the show would be about affluent Asian Americans living lavish lives in the city of Los Angeles. (Jenkins did not provide any commentary about the findings.)

Bling Empire season 3

According to People, Li also claims that she and Jenkins collaborated extensively over the course of a number of months to develop Bling Empire, which “led to the successful selling of the” program.

She asserts that Jenkins and his production firm “acquired and exploited Plaintiff Li's concept and materials, and entered into agreements establishing responsibilities.

” [citation needed] As a result, Li wants to be credited as an executive producer for Bling Empire, get payment for his work, and be given that status.

Drama is a staple of reality television, and Bling Empire is no exception. However, the type of conflict that may drive a wedge between the cast, the crew, and the production team is probably not what the streaming service is looking for.

In an ideal world, all of the creative parties involved will be able to have their needs satisfied, and Netflix will be able to focus more on the drama that takes place in front of the camera rather than the conflict that occurs behind the scenes.

Fans will have to wait to find out how the case turns out and whether or not it has an effect on the chances for Season 3.



Bling Empire season 3

The second season had several new cast members, such as the philanthropist Mimi Morris and the socialite Dorothy Wang, who is the daughter of the millionaire Roger Wang and a former cast member of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. If the addition of the new talents proves to be popular, then it would make perfect sense for Netflix to maintain the success of an extensive roster. As a result, there is a possibility that Season 3 will include some completely new cast members.

There are many questions that have yet to be answered, but for the time being, viewers may continue to enjoy the drama presented by the current cast of Bling Empire for another eight episodes on Netflix.

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Bling Empire Season 3 Premiere Date

Bling Empire season 3

If there is indeed going to be the third season of Bling Empire, it is difficult to speculate precisely when the new episodes will begin airing.

The first episode of Season 1 was released on January 15, 2021, and the subsequent batch of fresh episodes did not arrive for another 16 months. If Season 3 adheres to the same schedule as Season 2, then its launch might take place in September 2023 at the earliest.

Bling Empire season 3 Trailer