Netflix’s Blasted Release Date: Is the Science Fiction Comedy Available to Stream?

Netflix has greenlighted several Scandivanian films and programs as the streaming service continues growing its international material collection. Blasted, a Norwegian sci-fi comedy film, was recently added to this list.

The film, released on Netflix in June 2022, is based on a real-life UFO sighting in Hessdalen, Norway, which has been reported multiple times a year since at least the 1930s.

Martin Sofiedal, whose credits include Say hello, Night Snack, The Wrong Guy, and other short films, will direct Netflix's Blasted. Emanuel Nordrum, who has primarily worked on short films, is the writer for Blasted (The Culture, Love Hotel). Miso Film's Are Heidenstrm will produce the film, and Peter Bose and Jonas Allen will act as executive producers.


The action takes place in an opulent hotel room in Leeds. Ian, a foul-mouthed middle-aged tabloid columnist, has brought in Cate, a young woman, for the night. Cate is far younger than Ian, emotionally sensitive, and intellectually basic.

Ian tries to seduce Cate during Scene 1, but she resists. Meanwhile, Ian proudly flaunts his misogyny, racism, and homophobia. The drama comes to a close with the sound of spring rain.

Scene 2 begins the following morning. During one of Cate's fits, Ian engages in frottage. Cate then performs oral sex on Ian, biting him. Cate goes to the restroom. A soldier enters the room unexpectedly, brandishing a gun, and discovers Cate has fled via the bathroom window. A mortar bomb then explodes in the hotel room, and the movie concludes with the sound of summer rain.

blasted release date

The hotel room is in ruins in Scene 3; the bomb has blown a hole in the wall. The soldier and Ian start talking, and it becomes clear that the hotel is in the midst of a horrible conflict.

The soldier tells Ian about horrifying atrocities he has watched and participated in, including rape, torture, and genocide, and claims he has done everything in retaliation for the murder of his fiancée. He then raps Ian and sucks his eyes out. The scenario concludes with the sound of falling autumn rain.

In Scene 4, Ian is blinded and lying next to the soldier who has committed suicide. Cate returns, describing the city being invaded by soldiers and carrying a baby she has rescued with her.

The baby dies, and she buries it in a hole in the floorboards before leaving, but not before debating the utility or futility of praying during a burial with Ian. The scene concludes with the sound of falling snow.

Scene 5 is a collection of brief pictures that show Ian crying, masturbating, and even clutching the dead soldier for comfort as he starves in the wrecked room. He eventually creeps into the hole and consumes the deceased baby.

Ian then dies, according to the stage directions. It begins to rain, and Ian exclaims, “Shit.” Cate returns with sausage and gin. The blood pouring down her legs suggests she compensated for it by having sex with the soldiers outside. She finishes her lunch and hands it to Ian, who says, “Thank you.”

Who Is in the Cast of Blasted?

Blasted stars Axel Byum and Fredrik Skogsrudin as Sebastian and Mikkel, respectively. Mathias Luppichini (Audun), André Srum (Kasper), Eirik Hallert (Pelle), Evelyn Rasmussen Osazuwa (Stine), and Ingrid Bols Berdal (Hjrdis) round out the cast. HBO viewers will recognize Berdal as Armistice in Westworld.

blasted release date

What is the Current State of Blasted production?

We don't know when filming on Blasted began, but we do know that it finished by June 17th, 2021, and the project was in post-production until June 4th, 2022. Blasted has been announced as discontinued, with the film debuting at the end of June.

What is the Release Date of Blasted on Netflix?

Blasted will be available on Netflix worldwide in 2022. It may not appear to be so soon, but given the state of the pandemic and how quickly days can change into weeks and months––audiences may not need to embrace patience after all.

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There are many more Scandinavian films on Netflix, particularly in recent months. We're talking about Loving Adults, the first Danish-language film starring Dar Salim from Game of Thrones and Sonja Richter from The Bridge. Barbara Rothenberg of White Sand directs the film. There will be a lot of international content to look out for!

What is Blasted all about?

Blasted follows the story of Sebastian and Mikkel, two childhood friends who are reunited during Sebastian's bachelor party. On the one hand, Mikkel hasn't changed from his laser tag obsession and continuing the past child prodigy he was.

On the other hand, Sebastian has matured into a career-driven workaholic. The party, however, has been schemed by Sebastian all along in the hopes of impressing a client. The only problem is––aliens. An alien invasion crashes the party, and it's up to the two besties to fight side by side––channeling their inner laser tag skills––to fend off the aliens.

blasted release date

Never, in a million years, would I have thought I would write “an alien invasion crashes the party” in one sentence. If you like this weird combination of genres, then Blasted is the one you should look out for in the future.