Blackbeard in Outer Banks Season 3? We know So Far!

The third season of Outer Banks concluded with a cliffhanger that set up a fresh mystery for the treasure-hunting Pogues to solve in the upcoming fourth season. An unexpected turn of events sees the kids embark on a brand-new assignment at the behest of a shadowy old businessman.

This mysterious man pulls out a manuscript that dates back to 1718 and displays it to them. It finally clicks with them that this book is a captain's log, and not just any captain's log; it's Blackbeard's. In this article, we will read about Who is Blackbeard? Keep reading to know everything in detail.

Who is Blackbeard in Outer Banks Season 3?

Known by his given name, Edward Teach, the notorious pirate is better known by his pirate name, Blackbeard. A true pirate, who operated between the 17th and 18th centuries. Pope states in the final paragraph that he passed away in the year 1718, which is the last year dating in the text.

In his prime, this English buccaneer sailed the Caribbean Sea, where he fought wars and buried a fortune in gold. His intimidating persona and bloodthirsty exploits inspired the vicious pirate archetype found in so many popular works of fiction and films today.

Who is Blackbeard

Pirate Edward Teach (Blackbeard) is one of the most well-known figures in the history of piracy, inspiring a wide variety of works of art and creating a plethora of tourist sites. The list of books, movies, and TV shows in which he has appeared is long.

Ray Stevenson's Black Sails and Taika Waititi's Our Banner Is Death are two recent depictions of Blackbeard in film. The Outer Banks series will once again ensure the renowned pirate's place in history's annals.

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What Does Blackbeard Have to Do With Outer Banks?

Piracy flourished off the coast of North Carolina, particularly the Outer Banks, in the 18th century. The coastal villages were harassed by Blackbeard and his crew, much to the dismay of the locals.

The actress who plays Kiara, Madison Bailey, grew up hearing tales of this notorious pirate while she was in North Carolina. That the treasure hunt has historical roots in North Carolina is a neat touch, Bailey remarked to Tudum.

The topic of pirates occupied a considerable portion of our eighth-grade history curriculum, & Blackbeard played a pivotal role in that. In 1718, Blackbeard's ship sank after running aground on a beach, and in 2011, North Carolina state authorities confirmed that the debris was located in Beaufort, some 200 miles south of the Outer Banks.

Will Blackbeard's Loot Be a Target for the Pogues?

The season finale's introduction of Blackbeard's manuscript suggests the beginning of a new story arc for the show. I think the next target of the Pogues' attention will be Blackbeard's loot.

Who is Blackbeard

It's possible, that this is the only plotline for Season 4, or it might be the beginning of a much bigger arc that spans multiple seasons. The crew has earned a stellar reputation for their ability to figure out these conundrums and deliver the goods.

The stranger suggested that they add Blackbeard's riches to their already outstanding CV, which already included the Royal Merchant and El Dorado.

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