Zombies are hot and so is Black Summer Season 2

With many classics already available in the plethora of zombie iterations, The black summer series is another addition. Initially, I was not sure if this one would stand on my list of likeable. But surely it not just stood up to my expectations but also is now one of my all-time favourites. Released on April 11, 2019, it became one of the most-watched series in the U.K. In this article, we will talk about Black Summer Season 2.

I have added the Black Summer Season 2 in my list of favourite zombies along with, “SOZ Soldier Or Zombies”, “Kingdom: Ashin Of The North” and “The Walking Dead“.

So the plot goes like this !!!

Just before the apocalypse, a group of survivors are evacuated from the city, but Anna’s father, Patrick, has been infected, so both the parents, Patrick and Rose, must be left behind.

Imagine the plight of parents being separated from their daughter; their journey is going to be a hell of a terror and emotional saga. Patrick was put down, but Rose got lucky enough to be a part of a group of North Americans. But surviving in a hostile environment isn't going to be a piece of cake as you will see Rose being on her own, doing all she can to stay alive.

Black Summer Season 1 includes 8 episodes with a queue of another season on its way. Illustrating the struggle of the survivors, the series very well captures the aspect of survival of the fittest as all of them are competing for resources.

With all the catastrophe around them, they end up making some stupid decisions, some moments had been left open-ended, leaving the audience bewildered, but you don't worry as all is going to be answered in season 2. Yes, you heard it right. Netflix has brought you the continuation of the series.

black summer season 2

Back with Another Season: Black Summer Season 2!!!

This season is based on the winter theme; the cold breeze brings with it new challenges to summon (not giving justice to the title). But keeping that aside, the wait is finally over as after a whole 2 years, Netflix is back with its continuation and serve justice to the curiosity and confusion elements with which season 1 ended. With better character development, you will start to feel for zombies, too, yeah, sure before them turning into zombies. The crew has done magic to the series.

Black Summer Season 2 feels uniquely like a stage play with zombies. The visuals are fantastic. The screenplay uses A very large aspect ratio, and the abundance of wide shots result in a lot of space inside the screen, helpful when showing the vastness of where the characters are and how utterly unforgiving it is.

Let's Take a Look at the Roles

Rose and Anna find themselves stuck in a mansion. Rose is a totally changed person. She is brutally murderous, ready to do unimaginable deeds to keep Anna safe. But these actions will change Anna’s perception of her. Marlett’s performance is incredible; subtly, the weight of all the trauma she has faced begins to modify her personality.

Sun is a prisoner almost throughout the season. Most intense moments happen near her, causing PTSD. The most heartbreaking part of the arc is that she is unable to communicate as no one near her can speak Korean, and she can’t speak English.

Dakota Daulby, Brenda Robins, and G. Michael Gray portrays a family that Rose and Anna end up stuck in a large mansion with. Whilst their performances are impressive and make for an unbearably tense selection of scenes, the chaos of their acting never relents, and keeping that up for the entirety of the episode can result in tiring the audience.

The dialogue delivery is much improved from the last season. Many of the actors have done theatre, and that reflects on how the speeches unfold. But Black Summer Season 2 is also comfortable relying on silence too, allowing the excruciating tension to be built.

Black Summer Season 3

After watching, the end of Black Summer Season 2, now viewers are waiting for season 3(Human's needs cannot be satisfied). To know all about Season 3, you have to give the article a read:- Black Summer Season 3.

Wrapping Up

This is a different and experimental way of telling a story that has been told countless times before, and the filmmakers must be respected for that. So I give my approval to this part as well, but now I am eagerly waiting for season 3; what about you? If you haven't watched the series, then don't wait. Just go to watch it on Netflix.

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