Black Clover Chapter 359 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap and Everything You Need To Know!

Fans can't wait for the next chapter after being captivated by the last one, which features a fierce struggle between Morris and Mereoleona. The series is taking a month-long pause, leaving eager viewers waiting a little longer than they had hoped.

Disappointment at the hiatus announcement has spread through the Black Clover fandom like a tsunami. Devoted fans, however, understand that periodic pauses are necessary for Yuki Tabata to maintain the series' excellent quality.

After all, the surprising plot turns and beautiful illustrations that have made Black Clover so beloved took time to develop. Fans can rest certain that Tabata's return will be worth the long wait with even more exciting fights, heart-pounding moments, and surprising twists. In this article, we will read about Black Clover Chapter 359 Release Date in Detail.

Black Clover Chapter 359 Release Date

On Sunday, May 21, 2023, one month following the previous release, the vast majority of readers around the world will have access to Black Clover chapter 359.

It has been agreed that the Japanese release date for the next episode will be Monday, May 22 at 12 am JST. The release date and time of the Black Clover manga will vary with each time zone.

Black Clover Chapter 359 Spoilers

The fight between Mereoleona Vermillion and Paladin Morris will likely resume in the upcoming episode of this manga. On the Day of Judgment, the next chapter could focus on a different war.

Mereoleona's strategy to defeat Morris was detailed in the previous chapter. If she keeps up this level of resistance, she will be burned to a crisp. That means Fuegoleon or another Magic Knight will soon be there to help.

Black Clover Chapter 359 Release Date

The Clover Kingdom could lose even more of its military weaponry if this doesn't take place. Then Morris started quoting Lucius' ideology, saying that his master will end discrimination and make the world a better place for everyone.

Mereoleona did not want to hear it and had already decided on a different strategy. Her power is like Hellfire Incarnate consuming the fire with every strike.

Let's Take a Look at the Recap of Black Clover Chapter 358

Yami suffered severe wounds. Yami encouraged Jack to pull himself together because he did not need any aid. Morgen intended to use his light to transport them to heaven, but he accidentally slashed them instead.

With a final slice, Morgen had succeeded in his attack. Jack inquired with Yami about his last cut. Yami complimented him on his crazy abilities and provided him with encouraging criticism.

It was a major letdown for Jack that he was never able to tear Yami to shreds. The fact that he would have been killed if his attack had succeeded was his one regret. According to Yami, Morgen was not the same person Yami had met before.

Morgen admitted he was feeling sorry about the fact that they were all going to die in the next second, but he offered him the parting words that they would be reborn into a new and wonderful existence after death.

Black Clover Chapter 359 Release Date

That was the final outcome for them. The more experienced comrades of Mereoleona told the younger ones to protect her and make sure her attacks went through. Morris informed her that it wouldn't matter how many people died trying to stop him since he wouldn't back down.

Fuegoleon saw that his sister was putting herself in danger and deduced that Moris's ability to regenerate and disintegrate could not be endless, therefore they had to time their attack so that it occurred before Moris began the regeneration process.

Fuegoleon pondered whether Mereoleona knew this previously and was just messing with him. Morris got a taste of Mereoleona's flames as a warning that the fierce Crimpson Lion King would never be at his mercy.

Mereoleona utilized Caldius Brachium's purgatory incineration on him after swearing on the blood of her slain squad members.

Where You Can Read Black Clover Chapter 359 Online?

You may get a free copy of Black Clover Chapter 359 from Viz Media. In addition to Chapter 359, the preceding three chapters are accessible for free on the Viz Media website if you need to catch up before it is released.

You can also read Black Clover and the other official Shueisha Mangas on your mobile device by downloading the Shonen Jump app.

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