Black Clover Chapter 348 Release Date: Where Can You Read It?

On February 16, 2015, the first episode of Black Clover, which is one of the most well-known Japanese manga series, came out. People liked the first few chapters of this collection so much that more material has been added to it.

A lot of people want to know when and how Black Clover Chapter 348 will be released. This page has been updated to include the most recent information about Black Clover Chapter 348.

When Will Black Clover Chapter 348 Be Out?

Yuki Tabata wrote Black Clover, which is the second series of his Weekly Shonen Jump. As of January 2022, 31 volumes have been released since the first one came out in 2015. This manga was translated into English by Tabata in 2019.

Black Clover Chapter 348 Release Date

The chapters come out once a week, but the times vary wildly from place to place. The Black Clover Chapter 348 will come out on January 22, but the raw scans will be available a few days before that.

Black Clover Chapter 347: A Quick Recap

Ichika learned Ryuzen is strong enough to defeat the dragon and Paladins without Asta in Black Clover Chapter 347. Then Lily used Ice x Spatial magic to attack. Ichika also saw a lot of Yoryoku in the Paladins. Meanwhile, The Beast Master Paladin used an illusion spell to reveal the target's deepest fear.

In Kezokaku's vision, Ichika saw her father. His father was discussing the clan's rebirth with Yami. The medication that would release their demonic power was then described by their father. The medicine had detrimental side effects as well. It has the potential to drive someone insane.

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After Yami rejected it, Ichika drank the medication. She did, however, notice individuals escaping the violence. She became engrossed in her thoughts and realized she had possibly killed her tribe. Following the performance, fans saw their father like Ichika.

Black Clover Chapter 348 Release Date

Meanwhile, Daizaemon was feeling ill but insisted that they couldn't lose. Lily was also plotting her next strike. Ichika was buried in her thoughts on the final page, unable to deflect the blow, but Asta shielded her. Asta reminded her of Yami rescuing her from their father.

What Will Happen Next in Black Clover Chapter 348?

Black Clover Chapter 348 doesn't have a name yet. But it will focus on the fight that is still going on. Asta joined the fight and helped save Ichika. From here on out, the story will only get more interesting. Asta is now done with his training.

But will that be enough to get the three Paladins to leave the Land of the Sun? But as the story goes on, it becomes clear that he will have a hard time winning. Asta can't beat them if she's only trained for a few days. The story will take a ridiculous turn.

Black Clover Chapter 348 Release Date

At the same time, all of Ryuzen Seven's strongest members are coming to help. The Beast Master Paladin uses a type of magic that shows people their deepest and darkest fears. Lucius must have had an idea of how dangerous the Ryuzen Seven would be. Ryu, on the other hand, has no choice but to trust Asta and the Ryuzen Seven to help him beat the Three Paladins.

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Where Can I Read Chapter 348 of Black Clover?

Black Clover Chapter 348 will be available on Viz Media and Manga Plus, just like the rest of the shonen jump manga series. The best thing about these platforms is that most of the new chapters of shonen jump mangas can be read for free for a limited time.