Bitcoin Blocks: Workes, Play, Payment System, Safe | Complete Info!

Developed by Bling, a Canadian firm that also features three other cryptocurrency-acquiring games: Bitcoin Blast, Bitcoin Pop, and Bitcoin Food Fight, Bitcoin Blocks is a match-puzzle game in which players must match blocks of different colors.

Bling Gems are earned when you play any of these four games and can be exchanged for Bitcoins at the end of the gaming session. Keep in mind that you must have a Coinbase account in order to be able to accept the payment.

How Does Bitcoin Blocks Work?

Bitcoin Blocks is a free Android application available from the Google Play store. You can create your Bling account by logging into your Google, Facebook, or email account after you've downloaded the application and clicked the “Get everything rolling” button.

If you go on to play another Bling game, you can use the same record to get more points in that game as well. It's important to remember that clients are only allowed to have one Bling Account.

Bitcoin Blocks: How Do I Play Them?

Really, it is that straightforward! Simply touch on at least two squares of a similar shading to fulfill the objective before time runs out.

For example, on the primary level, you might want to remove eight yellow and six red squares from the board. When you get to your destination, you will pass through the even out and obtain Bling focuses in accordance with your exhibition.

Although it appears to be straightforward at first, after the sixth level, you need to proceed with caution before performing any move.

Always keep in mind that Bitcoin Blocks does not provide you with an emphasis on the off chance that you come up short. In order to do so, you must first watch a large number of support videos, which consume a significant amount of internet data.

BTC Rewards

You're probably thinking about how much Bitcoin you can get for your money right now if you play Bitcoin Blocks, which is understandable. Overall, each level has 2000 focuses, which is equal to 0.00000002 BTC. I'm aware that there are an infinite number of zeros!

Bitcoin Blocks
Bitcoin Blocks

Given the current value of one bitcoin (BTC) at 46255 USD, this suggests that you are obtaining a meager $0.001 USD at every level, which is a minuscule fraction of a penny. If you continue in this manner, it is possible that you will need to pass 100 levels in order to earn 1 USD.

After a week of playing Bitcoin Blocks, one player reported that he had moved out 150K focuses in his account. That is approximately 0.10 USD in most cases! Whatever the case, it has the potential to degenerate! Surprisingly, several players reported that their income had reduced to 20 – 30 focuses per level, which is almost nothing! I acknowledge that by participating in this match puzzle from WINR Games, you can gain a little extra.

How Would You Be Paid?

Simply tapping the “Money out” option at the top of the screen and entering your email address will connect you to Coinbase. The wonderful part with Bitcoin Blocks is that you may request your installment regardless of whether you only have 10K focuses.

This is quite convenient. The disadvantage is that you are unable to pay out at least a couple of times per week, as is customary.

Is Bitcoin Blocks Safe? Pays?

Bitcoin Blocks, on the other hand, are a genuine thing! Bling communicates with players in an honest and straightforward manner by including the following notice in the application's depiction:

The process of accumulating enough Bling Points to cash out in exchange for a considerable amount of Bitcoin takes the better part of the day. The majority of clients receive a payment that is only worth a minuscule fraction of one penny (USD).

There are very few people in our field that are as straightforward as you are. I had been playing Bitcoin Blast and Bitcoin Food Fight for a while before I made my payment, and they processed it within 24 hours.

Bitcoin Blocks
Bitcoin Blocks

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Customers' testimonials may be found in abundance on the Google Playstore, which serves as a testament to the genuineness of the app. As a result, you can be assured that Bling is a dependable firm!

Despite the modest rate of pay, the vast majority of participants are satisfied with their work because, in essence, they are earning some Bitcoin while having a nice time. What is the total number of candy you earn while playing Candy Crush? Nothing…

Furthermore, the value of Bitcoin may increase in the future, allowing you to generate more cash flow! In any event, considering the prize, I don't feel it's worthwhile to participate in Bitcoin Blast.

The reason for this is that the switching scale is extremely low when compared to the amount of portable information it consumes while watching videos on the internet.

Cons and Pros


  • Unbelievably, the acquisition potential is really limited.
  • There are a plethora of promos available.
  • There is a strict limit of one payout, which operates like clockwork.
  • It has a strong tendency to become extraordinarily habit-forming.


  • It's entertaining as well as really challenging.
  • Quick installments (within 24 – 48 hours of purchase).
  • You may also play other Bling games to get more attention and earn more money.
  • BTC's price may rise in the future.
  • They are transparent when it comes to determining your earning potential.

Bitcoin Blocks is one of just a handful of amazing games that actually compensates its players in real money. A rare find in our industry, to say the least. Furthermore, it's a fun game that encourages you to take it easy and relax!

The problem is that the amount of money they are offering you is insignificant. It is possible that you may need to play Bling games for a year in order to earn $2 – $3. The acquiring potential is quite poor, to the point that I would not recommend shifting your attention to BTC at all.

Given that some other web-based activity pays you more than Bitcoin Blocks, you should simply play Bitcoin Blocks for no specific reason. In addition, you will waste a great deal of site information, which could cost you far more than what they offer you in compensation.

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I owe you a debt of appreciation for taking the time to read my Bitcoin Blocks application assessment. You can leave a comment below if you have any questions or thoughts regarding this game.