What Do You Know About Birds of Prey Season 2?

As Birds of Prey is already in the rearview mirror but still DCEU fans want to know if Birds of Prey 2 will ever happen or not? Birds of Prey has even earned wide-ranging positive reviews from the critics though sorrowfully underwhelmed at the box office and it ended up by making just over $200 million worldwide.

Being written by Christina Hodson and directed by Cathy Yan it starred Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn who's playing the role for the very first time since 2016's Suicide Squad.

More About Birds of Prey 2

Birds of Prey has deduced with the explanation that how the titular characters has decided to officially convert themselves into a unit and this film did not even end in a desired way for those two primary villains, inspite one manages to out-live the other before getting dealt with by Harley and her pals.

Birds of Prey 2

Lamentably during the year-plus since the release of Birds of Prey, DC has yet to confirm that whether a Birds of Prey 2 will ever showcase or not that too with star Robbie who's even downplaying the possibility.

Plot Summary of the Birds of Prey 2

In Birds of Prey, Harley Quinn has abruptly emancipated from her relationship with The Joker but she later catches the attention of the bad boy named Roman Sionis i.e. Ewan McGregor.

Birds of Prey 2

When the Gotham City villain who is known as Black Mask extinguish a hit on Cassandra Cain i.e. Ella Jay Basco, Harley Quinn and the company sought justice by the support from the Detective Renee Montoya i.e. Rosie Perez. Birds of Prey has co-starred Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Helena Bertinelli aka Huntress, Jurnee Smollett as Dinah Laurel Lance aka Black Canary, and Chris Messina as Black Mask's sadistic henchman Victor Zsasz.

Birds of Prey 2 Cast and Crew

If the Birds of Prey 2 releases, expecting it to be a spotlight for Winstead which is a potential A-list mainstream star dramatized as a Huntress. The mastered actors Smollett and Perez will be likely turn out to be the main lead and both Robbie and Basco will most probably be involved somehow.

Birds of Prey 2

For Birds of Prey 2, there will be bulks of supposition regarding the villain characters. Even being given that the filmmakers seem intent on pushing the limits so it would be plausible that a female villain will appearance instead of a male baddie who is neighbouring with so usual male henchmen.

Birds of Prey Sets Up a Sequel

Birds of Prey concluding with Harley Quinn and company taking down Black Mask and Victor Zsasz. Obligatorily even Cassandra Cain leads a crucial character resulting in the official transformation of the Birds of Prey squad comprising of Huntress, Black Canary, and Montoya.

Birds of Prey 2

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Just for Harley Quinn, she teams up with Cassandra for an disparate voyage. The Birds of Prey 2 can also encompass the necessary cast from the original movie, but it would presumably lead the newly-constituted three-woman squad without the involvement of Harley and Cassandra.

Black Canary Starring in a Birds of Prey Spinoff Movie

While the Birds of Prey 2 has remained in a limbo, Warner Bros and DC has made an announcement of actress Jurnee Smollett reiterating the character of Dinah Lance, aka Black Canary are seen in a solo spinoff movie headed by the HBO Max streaming services.

Birds of Prey 2

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Misha Green (the one who created HBO's acclaimed Lovecraft Country and worked with Smollett on the show) has been writing the script for Black Canary's spinoff whilst a director has not yet hired. Neither any launch date has been obtained for the spinoff either ways.

Birds of Prey 2 Release Date

As Birds of Prey 2 has yet to be allowed as of summer 2021 so it is been really tough imagining it to arrive anytime very soon just as the upcoming several years of DCEU organizing are getting almost fully occupied.

Birds of Prey 2

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If the Black Canary spinoff performs well on the channel HBO Max nevertheless, there has certainly a likelihood that Warner Bros will be resolving of taking another glance at making Birds of Prey 2 come sooner than later.

Birds of Prey 2 Isn’t Confirmed (Yet)

While Birds of Prey was permitted prior to Suicide Squad's 2016 launch, but it was not publicly disclosed till now and to this extremity it is all up in the air as to whether a sequel with the star cast Harley's R-rated girl-gang will ever happen or not.

Birds of Prey 2

Nonetheless only because Birds of Prey 2 has been delayed but it doesn't mean that fans will not get to see more from any of the non-Harley personalities.

Wrapping Up

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