Billy Cyrus Girlfriend: Is He Engaged to Singer-songwriter Firerose?

Billy Ray Cyrus and his girlfriend Firerose have ignited engagement speculations after she appeared to show off a gorgeous ring on her engagement finger, sparking speculation over their age disparity.

Speculation erupted on social media when the 61-year-old artist and his partner shared a series of affectionate Instagram photos. The Instagram photo has piqued fans' interest in learning more about Billy's companion.

So, who exactly is Firerose? Here's everything you need to know about her origins, profession, rumored age, and social media presence.

She's a Singer and Songwriter

Firerose, like Billy, is a singer-songwriter, stating on her website that she has had a “lifelong passion for songwriting” since she was a child. “I always believed that music fulfilled my role on Earth,” she wrote on her page.

“And lifting people up with a song I made adds so much significance to everything. I write from an unfathomable place in my soul, and I'm immensely grateful for this ability that allows me to touch people so deeply.”

Billy Cyrus Girlfriend

According to her website, Firerose was born and reared in Sydney, Australia, to “a family of symphony musicians.” She eventually relocated to Los Angeles, California to pursue a singing career.

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Firerose attended Newtown School for the Performing Arts in Sydney, which is regarded as one of Australia's “top Performing and Visual Arts schools,” according to the school's website.

Firerose – Age and Career

Firerose is an Australian singer-songwriter who will be in her mid-20s in 2022, according to reports. According to the most recent reports, Firerose is 23 years old and her real name is Rose Hudges. According to the musician's own website, he was born and raised in Sydney to a “family of symphony musicians.”

Firerose, like many other ambitious musicians, relocated to Los Angeles after graduating from Newtown School For The Performing Arts in Sydney. According to her website, Firerose has had a “lifelong passion for music” and has written songs to “express her deepest emotions.”


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“I write from an unfathomable place in my spirit, and I'm tremendously grateful for this talent that allows me to touch people so profoundly,” she says. Firerose moved to Los Angeles and began focusing on her music while also modeling and acting.

She has played at festivals as well as well-known Los Angeles venues such as The Viper Room and The Roxy. Her other solo tracks include Fragile Handling and Way Out, both of which have over one million views on YouTube.

Rumors of Engagement Between Firerose and Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus is the center of attention after his girlfriend Firerose flaunted a diamond ring on her engagement finger in a series of Instagram photos. Firerose is nestled up to Billy in the Instagram photo, with her left hand on his chest, showing a gorgeous piece of bling on her ring finger.


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Billy and Firerose posted the photographs together on Instagram, with the comment “Happy fall.” In recent months, the musicians have spent more time together and collaborated on the track New Day in 2021. A spokesman for Billy Ray Cyrus told HITC that the musician had no comment on the reports.