How Did Big Pokey Die? Unraveling the Circumstances of His Death

Big Pokey, whose real name was Milton Powell, was a member of the Screwed Up Click collective and a Houston-based rapper. Big Pokey's stage name was Screwed Up Click. It was his songs like “Hardest Pit in the Litter,” “Sittin Sidewayz,” and “Southside Royalty Freestyle” that brought him widespread recognition. After passing out onstage in Beaumont, Texas, during a performance, he passed away the following year at the age of 45.

What Happened To Big Pokey?

On Saturday night, witnesses claim that Big Pokey was performing at a bar that was hosting a Juneteenth-themed event when he stumbled and fell backward while holding his microphone in his hand. He was taken to a hospital in the area, but he did not survive; he passed away on Sunday. Although the official cause of his passing has not been determined, there is speculation that he passed away from a heart attack.

What Is The Actual Cause Of Big Pokey's Death?

An official from Jefferson County, Texas, stated that the preliminary findings from the autopsy performed on Pokey did not indicate a “pathological cause of death.”

Milton “Big Pokey” Powell was a legendary figure in the Houston music scene, and the city has lost a piece of its history with his passing. However, it is not known what caused the rapper's death.

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According to 12 News Now, the preliminary results of an autopsy were unable to determine what caused the native Houstonian to pass away after collapsing late on Sunday night during a performance at Pour09 Bar & Rooftop in Beaumont, Texas. The incident took place on Sunday night.

On Tuesday, the justice of the peace for Precinct 8 in Jefferson County, Tom Gillam III, stated that preliminary findings did not indicate a “pathological cause of death.”

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The toxicology findings from the autopsy will be released at a later date. According to Gillam, such testing typically takes between 30 and 90 days.

Along with Z-Ro, DJ Screw, Fat Pat, and Lil' Keke, Big Pokey was one of the original members of the Houston hip-hop collective Screwed Up Click. Other founding members included Lil' Keke.

In a message of tribute that was posted on Instagram, fellow rapper Bun B referred to Pokey as one of the city's musicians who possessed the most natural talent. He spoke of him as being a quiet, unassuming mountain of a man who carried himself with respect and honor.

“It was simple to love him, but it was difficult to hate him. He would pull over, complete what he needed to, and then head back home. According to 12 News, Bun B also referred to it as “one of the pillars of our city.”

Big Pokey can be seen on videos shared on social media platforms chatting with a DJ on the upper level of the bar before collapsing. In the video, you can see a woman pushing her way through the crowd, announcing that she is a nurse, and immediately beginning to offer assistance.

Biography Of Big Pokey

Big Pokey, whose birth name is Milton Powell Jr., was a famous American rapper who was born in Houston, Texas. His real name is Milton Powell. Big Pokey was born on December 4, 1977, and went on to become a prominent figure in the Southern hip-hop scene. He contributed to the growth and popularity of the Houston rap style.

Big Pokey is known for having a distinctively deep voice and a commanding presence. He first came to prominence as a result of his collaborations with other Houston musicians like DJ Screw, Fat Pat, and Screwed Up Click. It was his appearances on DJ Screw's legendary mixtapes that brought him widespread renown, most notably on the “June 27” freestyle, which went on to become a signature track in the Screwed Up Click back catalog.

Career Of Big Pokey

Big Pokey released his first solo album in 1999 under the title “Hardest Pit in the Litter,” which highlighted his lyrical prowess and gritty delivery. His reputation as a rapper who is respected within the Houston rap community was bolstered as a result of the album, which was well-received by the critics. His subsequent works, such as “Da Sky's Da Limit” (2001), “D-Game 2000” (2002), and “Evacuation Notice” (2007), provided additional evidence of his talent and contributed to the expansion of his fan base.

The subject matter of Big Pokey's lyrics was frequently centered on themes related to street life, including the challenges and experiences of living in urban areas. He was able to tell stories in a natural and genuine way that struck a chord with his audience, and as a result, he gained a devoted following not only in Houston but also in other parts of the country.

Big Pokey's life was cut tragically short when he passed away on February 27, 2021. He was 43 years old at the time of his passing. Fans and members of the hip-hop community are mourning the loss of this influential artist, despite the fact that the specific circumstances surrounding his death have not been made publically disclosed.

Final Words For Big Pokey

Fans and other musicians continue to honor Big Pokey and his music, which ensures that his legacy will live on for generations to come. His contributions to Houston rap, in particular his collaborations with DJ Screw and the Screwed Up Click, have irrevocably altered the sound of the genre.

His influence can be seen throughout the history of Houston rap. Because of Big Pokey's one-of-a-kind style, deep voice, and honest storytelling, he has established himself as a respected figure in Southern hip-hop, which ensures that his legacy will live on for many years to come.

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