Big Mouth Season 6 Cast: List of the Cast in the Animated Comedy Series

Big Mouth Season 6 Cast: Big Mouth has become known as an outrageous, ambitious, and all-around funny comedy over the course of its five seasons. Fans are very excited about season 6 of Big Mouth, which starts on Netflix on Friday, October 28.

The animated sitcom shows what happens in the daily lives of a group of teenagers as they go through puberty. Almost all of the regular Big Mouth actors are back to say some really disgusting and heartfelt things. Like in past seasons, they will also be joined by some very famous guest stars. Let's look at the Big Mouth season 6 cast to find out who it is.

Nick Kroll as Nick Birch

Nick Kroll is one of the people who came up with the idea for Big Mouth. He made the show with Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett.

Big Mouth Season 6 Cast

They based it on their teenage years in New York. Kroll is the voice of many main characters, like Maurice the Hormone Monster, Coach Steve, Rick the Hormone Monster, and Lolo Ugfuglio Skumpy.

John Mulaney as Andrew Glouberman

Big Mouth Season 6 Cast

Birch's best friend is Andrew Glouberman, who is going through puberty. Most of the time, he's awkward around other people, but every once in a while, he'll get a burst of confidence that usually makes him look silly. When we last saw Glouberman, he had finally gotten everything under control and had gotten back in touch with Birch after they had stopped talking.

Jessi Klein as Jessi Glaser

Big Mouth Season 6 Cast

Jessi Glaser might be the most intelligent and likable person in Big Mouth. After kissing Nick in the first episode, she's been on her own journey, as her body and se*ual preferences have changed. She fell in love with Ali last season, which hurt her friendship with Missy a lot. But by the end of the series, everything was clear.

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Ayo Edebiri as Missy Foreman-Greenwald

In the last set of Big Mouth episodes, Missy had a lot of fun. After falling in love with Devon, she turned into a hate worm because Jessi and Ali were getting closer.

Big Mouth Season 6 Cast

This made her want to talk about them behind their backs, which made Ali and Missy stop being friends for a short time. By the end of the season, she had learned how to talk to her friends and family about how she felt.

Jason Mantzoukas as Jay Blizerian

Big Mouth Season 6 Cast

Where do you even start with Jayzerian Ricflairian Bilzerian? He loves magic as much as he loves s*x, and he finally got together with Lola in season 5. Even though Jay started dating Matthew after he realized how bad things had gotten with Lola.

Andrew Rannells as Matthew MacDell

Big Mouth Season 6 Cast

Matthew MacDell spent most of Big Mouth either spreading rumors as the host of the school's new show or acting in plays. But after he dated Aiden and now that he's dating Jay, which was confirmed at the end of last season, we can see that the character has more depth.

Ali Wong as Ali

Ali joined Big Mouth near the end of the third season, but she has already made a big impression. She said she was both straight and gay. The boys at school called her the hottest girl and she started dating Jessi.

Big Mouth Season 6 Cast

Wong is another very popular comedian who has three specials on Netflix. She also wrote and starred in the romantic comedy Always Be My Maybe, which she also directed.

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Jordan Peele as the Ghost Of Duke Ellington

The ghost and spirit of Duke Ellington, a famous jazz musician, lives in Nick's attic. Sometimes, he talks to Nick about his love life. Peele created and starred in his own sketch comedy show on Comedy Central called Key & Peele for three seasons.

Big Mouth Season 6 Cast

Then, he moved behind the camera and made the critically and commercially successful movie Get Out, which won him an Academy Award. He has written and directed Us and Nope since then.