Beyoncé Becomes The Queen Of Grammy Awards

Beyoncé, an American singer, songwriter, and dancer has broken the career Grammy Awards record , and she has become the most-awarded artist of all time.

By winning the Grammy for best electronic/dance album ‘Resistance' through Sunday's broadcast, surpassing legendary Hungarian conductor Georg Solti's(Solti passed away in 1997) 31 awards and becoming the Recording Industry Association of America's all-time awards champ.


On the other hand, Solti's record appeared unbeatable for decades. In 1998, the composer received his 31st and final Grammy Award and in 1997, he died at the age of 84. Beyoncé's record may be extended. She is 41 years old and appears destined to return to the awards show for many years to come.

Speech of Beyoncé during Grammy Award

Beyoncé says, ”Thank you so much. I'm trying not to be too emotional. I'm trying to just receive this night,” and with emotional looks, Beyoncé says, “thanking in particular the LGBTQ community for their support of her music and like to thank the queer community for love and for inventing the genre.”

She is also be thankful to her family and says, “I'd like to thank my Uncle, Johnny, who is not here, but he's here in spirit,”. Besides, she included further, “I'd like to thank my parents, my father and my mother for loving me and pushing me. I'd like to thank my beautiful husband, my beautiful three children who are at home and watching me.”

When Beyoncé Won First Grammy Award

Beyoncé received her first two Grammys in 2001 with Destiny's Child for “Say My Name.” The classic received the awards for best R&B song and best R&B performance.

Number of Beyoncé's and Her Husband Nominations

Beyoncé led the 2023 nominations with nine, tying with her husband, Jay-Z, for the most all-time Grammy nominations (88). Beyoncé's total includes her work as a member of Destiny's Child prior to her solo career. She had won 28 Grammys prior to Sunday's ceremony 2023, making her the most awarded female artist in Grammy history.

Jay has received 24 Grammy nominations. Prior to 2023, he held the record for most nominations, with 83.

Looks of Beyoncé on Grammy Award

When Beyoncé arrived, she was appropriately dressed in a winning metallic look that included a rose gold bustier and a reflecting silver metal diagonal cut skirt with ruffle detail. Glittering 70-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond drop earrings, black opera gloves, glow bronze makeup, and wavy hair completed the look of Beyoncé at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards .

Dress up of Beyonce


To conclude, Beyoncé became the Queen of Grammy Awards after winning 32 Grammy Awards at the age of 41, and she also broke the record Solti who won 31 Grammy Awards during his life.