Bevin Prince Net Worth: How Did Her Husband Died?

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A Bit About Bevin Prince: The famous CW television shows One Tree Hill is where Bevin Anne Prince, an American actress and fitness trainer, is most known for playing Bevin Mirsky.

Quick Facts About Bevin Prince

Bevin Prince Net Worth

On September 23, 1982, Bevin Prince was born in Cary, North Carolina. She is renowned for her work in the films The Artifact (2011), Wreckage (2010), and Redefining Love, but she is most known for her role as the recurring character Bevin Mirskey on The CW's One Tree Hill (2009).

Bevin Prince Biography

Bevin Prince, a well-known TV actress, was born in the United States on September 23, 1982. She is renowned for her work in the films The Artifact (2011), Wreckage (2010), and Redefining Love, but she is most known for her role as the recurring character Bevin Mirskey on The CW's One Tree Hill (2009). Libra is Bevin Prince's zodiac sign.

Bevin Prince Net Worth

Bevin Anne Prince, an American actress, best known for playing Bevin Mirskey on the popular WB/CW series One Tree Hill, was born on September 23, 1982, in Cary, North Carolina. She grew up in Raleigh and Cary, North Carolina.

Prince attended Saint Mary's Institution in Raleigh, North Carolina, an exclusive Episcopal school for girls only. She obtained her degree in cinema studies from UNCW. She also participated in the UNC Wilmington Seahawk Dance Team from 2002 to 2003.

Who Is Bevin Prince Dating?

Our data indicate that Bevin Prince may be single and has never been engaged. Bevin Prince hasn't been dating anyone as of May 2022.

Bevin Prince Net Worth

Relationship History: Bevin Prince has a husband named William friend.

After Being Struck by Lightning; Bevin Prince's Husband Passes Away

Bevin Prince, an actress from “One Tree Hill,” lost her husband William Friend over the weekend when their boat was struck by lightning off the coast of North Carolina.

Bevin Prince Net Worth

When they got to the scene of the incident, off the coast of Wilmington, local authorities informed the Michigan sports zone they transferred Friend from his boat to theirs. Until they reached the marina, where EMS was waiting to take over, deputies gave him CPR.

The CEO of Bisnow, a digital media firm for commercial real estate, was Friend, 33. In a news release on Tuesday, the business honored Friend and highlighted his accomplishments.

According to the company, “Friend converted the company from a local events company into a multichannel data, events, news, and intelligence platform for the multitrillion-dollar commercial real estate sector.” He was devoted to his wife and other family members above anything else.

Prince, who rose to fame as Bevin Mirskey on the popular television show “One Tree Hill,” wed Friend in 2016. Over time, Prince bragged about him and all the achievements they had made together on Instagram while highlighting their connection.

On the occasion of their first wedding anniversary, Prince remarked in a 2017 Instagram post, “What a year it has been. “It has been messier, more difficult, and more than I imagined. Will, I adore you.”

More recently, Prince shared a heartfelt Valentine's Day tribute to her husband and their dog Winnie.

“Enjoy your Valentine's Day! Beyond words, I adore you both. “In the caption of an Instagram image of Friend holding Winnie, she wrote.

William Friend, an actor, lost his life after being hit by lightning. He was 33.

According to the National Lightning Safety Council, a friend was killed on Sunday while boating close to Masonboro Island in North Carolina. During a routine sweep, marine police were flagged down by citizens, according to Wilmington, North Carolina TV station WECT. Before Friend was declared dead, EMTs worked for 20 minutes to revive him.

From 2003 through 2012, Prince played Bevin Mirskey on One Tree Hill. He has not yet spoken out about the incident. On Wednesday, actress Odette Annable, a close friend of the couple, wrote a heartfelt remembrance.

“Will, writing this feels strange. Primarily because it seemed like you were only beginning, it was good that we were thousands of miles away because of the life and love you brought to my best friend. I keep thinking about what a gift you gave Bevin as I sit at your lovely home and gaze out at the water, “The Supergirl actress revealed.

“What a blessing it was for everyone who knew you to be able to see the fire that burned within of you. Living in North Carolina with Bevin gave me the drive to help people, grow my business, and discover pleasure I had never witnessed before. In every sense, you were ideal for her.

She encouraged herself to pursue her goals, gave her a sense of belonging, and loved her with all her heart. I will always be happy to see that type of Love, “She said. Annable is in North Carolina with Prince.

“You accomplished everything at 33 and died like no other in a blaze of glory. You delightful, clever, gorgeous British man who loves America to s***, may you rest in peace. Love to you, “added she.