Best TV Shows About Students and College Life

College life is exciting with unimaginable twists and turns. It has been a rich source of movie stories focusing on students and their lives in college. Some TV shows have captured college life so perfectly that it has propelled them to the top of the pile. You can pay for homework online and catch a few of these exciting shows without missing your work deadline.

College life inspires all movie genres you can imagine. From comedy to horror, a lot of editors have found life in college to be a rich source of inspiration. Here are some of the best TV shows on college life to watch.

Sweet Vicious

The show is best described as a dark comedy. It is produced by MTV, raising the standards of production considering their focus on youth content. It tells the story of two college students in an environment where sexual assault is rampant yet disregarded.

Jules is a victim of sexual assault. She joins her friend Ophelia to hunt down the men preying on college girls. They form a gang of two vigilante women. Will society understand its course? Who will they net in their quest to end this vice?

Jules and Ophelia are also on a mission to recruit other girls into the gang. The girls find themselves in some of the most hilarious situations. It is interesting to see the girls caught in the act and the men netted in this campaign. The show also generates a lot of tension as the girls fight for space.

Dear White People

The show is set at Winchester University. The campus is predominately white. It has a radio station that is run by an African American. The host is a student out to use satire to deal with racial relations and the bigger question of black identity.

Dear White People is anchored on activism. For some people, the approach to activism is misguided. For others, it is the only way racial relations can be addressed. While the show is designed to bridge the gap between different races, it leaves the campus under immense tension. Being a predominantly white community, a lot of the students do not understand her course.

Dear White People is anchored on satire. It is a parody that perfectly depicts racial relations in a country that has remained divided for years. It is interesting to see the reactions of different races when the issues are raised.

How to Get Away with Murder

The title is as interesting as the show. It has been running for 6 seasons and does not appear to be losing steam. It is a legal thriller that will shuttle you between college and real life. For the college student, it is a chance to experience what awaits outside. You will understand the bubble that college students live in.

The show is produced by one of the most recognizable film icons of the current generation. Shonda Rhimes teams up with ABC studios to tell the story of college students recruited by one of their professors to join his defense team. They are trying to solve the case of a sorority student who has been murdered. The students get the shock of their life when they see what awaits them upon graduation. You will love the episodes aired in 2014 when the show premiered as much as you will love those that closed the show in 2020.

The Magicians

If you love science fiction, this is the show for you. However, it features magicians instead of the sophisticated gadgets you see in sci-fi movies. The Magicians is a story of students enrolled in the magicians’ university called Brakebills. The university is hidden from the outside world through illusion.

The challenges facing these magicians are similar to those that face ordinary students. They have exams to pass, essays to write, and assignments to complete. The curriculum involves a series of magical tricks for the students to solve.

In the show, a student does not submit his essay on time. To conceal the act, he vanishes from the face of the earth. The action takes place in a mythical universe. It involves talking to animals and creatures you have never seen. You will love the effects used to create the entire show.


Clique has been rated among the best shows about college life today. It is intense, realistic, and surprising, all at the same time. It builds palpable suspense and has some of the most unexpected twists.

Like college life, it features lavish parties by an elite clique of college girls. Their encounters in college are full of danger and intrigue. They are living precariously in one of the most seductive environments. The show depicts the value of social skills and how they can get girls out of tight situations.

TV shows about college life continue to baffle many. It is interesting to see the life of individuals in college, different from what we are used to. The shows also present producers with excellent opportunities to exercise their creativity in the college environment.