Best Songs on Certified Lover Boy: Here Are the Top Five Songs

Drake's sixth studio album, Certified Lover Boy, was released today after a lengthy wait. The album, which has 21 tracks, features musicians such as Jay-Z, Travis Scott, and Young Thug. On August 30, he shook up social media by releasing the cover image for his album—twelve different emojis of “pregnant women.” Here are the top five songs.

5. You Only Live Twice

“You Only Live Twice” feels like it might have been on Drake's best album to date, Take Care. The beat in the song sounds like it was developed in a church breakroom, a trademark of Just Blaze.

Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne deliver nothing but aggressive, competitive, wise, killer, bossy, intelligent, cocky, provocative, strange, and braggadocios bars over it.

Outside voices and insane flows are also utilized in the song. “You Only Live Twice” made me long for the days when Drake had something to prove, and Rick Ross and Lil Wayne were on top of the world.

4. 7 am On Bridle Path

I'm not sure where Bridle Path is, but I'm guessing you can get a lot of petrol on that street. Drake asserts assertively in “7 am On Bridle Path” that he deserves our respect.

He also shoots at his opponents and collapses from exhaustion as though he has just finished chasing down Saquon Barkley. Do you know what the best part of this song is? Drake's jabs against Justin LaBoy and Kanye. I adore the sentence “f**k respectfully, I want my respect.”

3. TSU

“TSU” is divided into three sections: a screwed-up section (shout-out to my family in Houston and Sugarland), an uptempo section, and a slow-ass section. Drake's transitions between parts are brilliant. The middle section of “TSU” is the show's star.

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You'll enjoy Drake's catchy melody, hypnotic melodies, and intimate/sly/nurturing words throughout the song. While some of my wish to hear “TSU” in a strip joint, I'm already in love with strippers and don't need to get provoked. Only Drake can create an awkwardly titled strip club banger.

2. Girls Want Girls

“Girls Want Girls” is a success. “Girls Want Girls” is a documentary about Hilary Clinton's relationship with female voters. The song features vintage R&B Drake, who closes his eyes while he sings and gets aroused when a girl chooses to watch Real Housewives over coming over to his place.

In his verse on the song, Lil Baby raps furiously and sappily and urges his lady to be his genuine ride or die. Overall, I believe this song is too infectious, relevant, and marketable to pass up.

1. Fair Trade

I don't think Drake and Travis Scott have ever missed a beat. “Fair Trade,” in my opinion, can compete with any other music on this album.

“Fair Trade” has an addictive melody, fearless singing, silky vibes, soulful vibes, old-school vibes, hard-hitting vibes, aggressive deliveries, passionate lyrics, trill lyrics, and lines that we can all utilize in our life. The song also has a semi-beat shift that I believe is just killer.

Song by Song Breakdown

1. Champagne Poetry (4/5)

2. Papi's Home (4/5)

3. Girls Want Girls (5/5)

4. In The Bible (4/5)

5. Love All (4/5)

6. Fair Trade (5/5)

7. Way 2 Sexy (3/5)

8. TSU (4/5)

9. N 2 DEEP (4/5)

10. Pipe Down (4/5)

11. Yebba's Heartbreak (2/5)

12. No Friends In The Industry (3/5)

13. Knife Talk (3/5)

14. 7 am On Bridle Path (4/5)

15. Race My Mind (4/5)

16. Fountains (4/5)

17. Get Along Better (3/5)

18. You Only Live Twice (4/5)

19. IMY2 (3/5)

20. Fucking Fans (3/5)

21. The Remorse (3/5)