Top 10 Best Netflix Series to Watch This December!

Best Netflix Series: It's challenging to pick just a few of the top program on Netflix. Creating a list of the best shows on the streamer is difficult, we'll admit, because there are so many series. Luckily, we've done the legwork & compiled 10 of the best titles on the streamer for you to enjoy & cross off your list. In this article, you'll find Best Netflix Series.

The Lincoln Lawyer (2022)

Best Netflix Series

It has all the elements of a classic legal drama: tension, intrigue, and surprises. The Lincoln Lawyer is a strong adaptation of the Michael Connelly novel of the same name, propelled by Manuel Garcia-outstanding Rulfo's portrayal as Mickey Haller, a cynical but hopeful criminal defense attorney. He is a recovered addict who operates his business out of his town car. Neve Campbell is also excellent as Halley's first wife, the prosecutor Maggie McPherson.


Best Netflix Series

A smart financial planner falls on the wrong side of a crime group & is forced to migrate away from Chicago to the tranquil Missouri Ozarks where he is forced to launder money for the cartel. Jason Bateman & Laura Linney feature as Marty & Wendy Byrde who have to find out a means to launder significant quantities of money without tipping off the authorities. In Ozarks, they meet Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner), a young lady from a local criminal family, who helps them launder money.

The drama includes lots of twists, cliffhangers, and turns that you hardly see it coming. It follows the Byrde family as they ascend to power in the Ozarks and in their criminal empire. If you prefer gory thrillers, there is plenty of blood and violence. Ozark garnered 45 Primetime Emmy Award nominations, with Bateman winning the award for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series in 2019 and Garner becoming a three-time winner for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series in 2019, 2020, and 2022.

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Best Netflix Series

The story follows Wednesday Addams throughout her school years as she works to control her developing psychic gift and uncover the truth about what happened to her parents. Wednesday Addams' time as a student at Nevermore Academy is the focus of this spooky detective story. Wednesday struggles to come to terms with her developing psychic ability, stop a monstrous killing spree that has terrorised the local town, & uncover the answer to the supernatural mystery that has plagued her family for the past 25 years, all while negotiating the complex web of relationships she has woven for herself at Nevermore.

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The Watcher

Best Netflix Series

When an unknown person calling themselves “The Watcher” begins sending threatening letters to a married couple, the worst fears of every suburban family come true. The frightening aspect, though, is that the show is based on an actual tale that occurred in Westfield, New Jersey, and the real-life “Watcher” was never found. Use that information as you see fit.

Stranger Things

Best Netflix Series

Stranger Things, one of Netflix's finest program, has gained a global fanbase and is now available in other languages. Released in two parts on May 27, 2022, was the fourth season of this mysterious sci-fi show. The 2nd volume of Season 4 is scheduled for publication on July 1, 2022 & enthusiasts have already begun posting speculations online. Like its title suggests, Stranger Things focuses on otherworldly forces that cause havoc for the youth of Hawkins, Indiana. The show's origins can be traced back to the 1980s & each episode features preteen drama, subtle comedy, mystery, and terror.


Best Netflix Series

The name Lucifer conjures images of a malicious fiend with a thirst for human blood. However, this program presents Lucifer in a rather different light, and viewers like it for those reasons in addition to its caustic wit, thrilling plot twists, and swoon-worthy romance. Lucifer Morningstar, weary of his responsibilities in Hell, chooses to spend some time on Earth getting to know people, relationships, and mankind in what is unquestionably one of the finest program on Netflix. He decides to make Los Angeles his permanent home and forms a partnership with homicide detective Chole Decker. Select this series as your weekend binge-watching mystery program of choice on Netflix.

Warrior Nun

Best Netflix Series

Best Netflix Series: Warrior Nun, based on a comic book created by Ben Dunn, centres on Ava, a young woman who discovers a halo embedded in her back. Stranger still, the halo endows her with superpowers & allows her to walk again after being paralysed for the past decade. As a result of her newfound abilities, Ava is recruited to join a band of badass nuns who battle evil.

 Squid Game

Best Netflix Series

This one is acceptable; it has a decent amount of fandom. If you know about it but haven't tried it, you should. You will not be let down by Squid Game. This South Korean survival drama follows a group of people who are desperate for money as they participate in games that were once intended for children but have now become lethal. Although there are lovely moments, the play is nasty, bloody, and gory and is not for the weak of heart. It's possible that the premise of Squid Game will sound familiar to viewers who are familiar with Battle Royale. However, the show's clever writing, unpredictable twists, and great performances make it worth watching multiple episodes in a row.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Best Netflix Series

The Extraordinary Attorney Woo is the clear victor. The originality is in its premise that a woman with autism succeeds as a lawyer in South Korea thanks to her innovative & unconventional methods of problem solving. Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin), portrayed by Park Eun-bin, is an empowering cinematic heroine. This programme is so endearing and upbeat and bright that you could sit and watch it all day.

Best Netflix Series

Based on Tembi Locke’s book of the same name, this mini-series stars Zoe Saldaña as Amy. An American who lived abroad in Italy, where she found the love of her life & altered her whole professional path. Attica, Tembi's sister, runs the play, which shows how the heroine's decisions shattered her family before a catastrophe brought them together. “From Scratch” is a tiny, intimate narrative about ties and passions that make life worth living. It focuses on racial and cultural boundaries.

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