Best Luxury Pens: Here Are the Top 10 Best Luxury Pens in 2022!

Spending more time at home has taught us to appreciate the small things. We want to think that savoring small, memorable moments, like the first sip of coffee in the morning or clicking add to cart on new office stationery, truly helped us get through 2022.

Not to mention the commonplace items that became a part of our WFH routines, such as luxury pens! Consider how often you jot things down in your planner or make a grocery list during the day: although we're staring at screens all day, many of us still need to put pen to paper for our brains to absorb information.

So, why not arm yourself with the best tools possible to make ordinary moments feel extraordinary? Furthermore, you may be surprised at how good a quality fountain pen feels in your hand.

The Top 10 Luxury Pens

The list we're about to delve into includes the best luxury pens from around the world and pens that suit various styles and needs. Whatever your preferences, there's something for everyone, from serious writers to stationery collectors.

10. Townsend Classic Black Lacquer Luxury Fountain Pen

It's no surprise that a good fountain pen conjures up images of a time when writing instruments were something special, as they first appeared in the 1850s.

The Townsend Classic Black Lacquer Luxury Fountain Pen ($397) is an iconic 1930s art deco style made of polished black lacquer and 23 karat gold details. This pen features a hand-finished stainless steel nib and an easy click-off cap.

Best Luxury Pens

It comes in ten different colors and finishes, including a translucent red lacquer with gold-plated engraving. It's essentially a writing instrument ideal for gifting, and it comes with two black fountain pen ink cartridges.

9. Sheaffer Legacy Polished Chrome Luxury Rollerball Pen

When it comes to the best luxury pens, it's often all about the small details that set them apart from the competition. Enter the Sheaffer Legacy Polished Chrome Luxury Rollerball Pen ($250), a rollerball pen collector's dream.

It also deserves to be in your collection, with its polished chrome-plated finish and engraved chevron print.

Best Luxury Pens

This luxury gel pen has a medium circumference so it fits comfortably in your hand and the formula is similar to gel ink, which aids in a super smooth exposition on any page. It also comes in an upscale box with one black gel roller ink refill.

8. Montblanc Meisterstück Platinum-Coated Classique Luxury Ballpoint Pen

Discussing the best luxury pens in the world is impossible without mentioning Montblanc. The black precious resin is inlaid with the iconic white Montblanc emblem on the Montblanc Meisterstück Platinum-Coated Classique Luxury Ballpoint Pen.

The platinum-coated pocket clip with an individual serial number is another feature. Montblanc also offers engraving on the clip or on the right side of this luxury pen.

Best Luxury Pens

It comes with black ink refills to keep you and this writing instrument going at your desk or office for months on end. The Montblanc Meisterstück Platinum-Coated Classique Luxury Ballpoint Pen costs approximately $440.

7. Smythson Viceroy Luxury Fountain Pen

Smythson was founded in the late 1880s on the effortlessly cool New Bond Street in London, England, and is known for its luxury leather goods and pristine stationery. Because of its classic and refined design elements, the Smythson Viceroy Luxury Fountain Pen ($755) is one of the best luxury pens.

Best Luxury Pens

This luxury fountain pen is handcrafted in England with solid silver and the most delicate ridges throughout to maintain a low-maintenance nature while exuding refined opulence.

Other Viceroy luxury pens from Smythson are available for personalized engraving and come in ballpoint and rollerball styles. The shiny Smythson Viceroy Luxury Fountain Pen, wrapped in a sleek black box, is something you'll want to show off to friends in your own office.

6. S T Dupont Line D Luxury Ballpoint Pen

Shouldn't the S T Dupont Line D Luxury Ballpoint Pen be the one that James Bond always has in his pocket? It appears to be a perfect match! This writing piece is made of the shiniest ridged yellow gold and has ‘007' engraved at a 45-degree angle on the barrel for an extra spike of stealthiness.

Best Luxury Pens

The retractable mechanism, refillable ink, and a beautifully rich box to display on your desk or give a thoughtful gift are all practical features. For convenience, a gold pocket clip and an engraving of the S T Dupont logo on the pen's ring are included. The S T Dupont Line D Luxury Ballpoint Pen is currently $1,200 off the original price of $1,500.

5. Santos De Cartier Luxury Ballpoint Pen

The Santos De Cartier Luxury Ballpoint Pen ($330) has a simple, elegant, and refined design. Without a writing instrument like this, you'd never guess that a ballpoint pen could be considered ‘luxury,' but Cartier has made it possible.

With its steel lacquer body and dainty gold details, this is a pen to consider if you want something simple and easy to use.

Best Luxury Pens

Another level of luxury is the ability to personalize your writing piece with engraving, which is possible with the Santos De Cartier Luxury Ballpoint Pen. Cartier also sells a ballpoint pen refill, which extends the life of the pen and gives you a little more bang for your buck.

4. Montegrappa Cigar Sterling Silver Luxury Fountain Pen

In terms of luxury pen brands, Montegrappa not only offers writing instruments with a unique style and sophistication but they are also made with only the best materials.

Allow us to introduce the Montegrappa Cigar Sterling Silver Luxury Fountain Pen ($2,240), which is shaped like a classic cigar.

Best Luxury Pens

The design has been kept simple and unaltered by omitting the classic pocket clip found on more luxurious fountain pens. This writing piece is also available in a rollerball style, with 18 karat gold and a sterling silver trim.

To top it all off, the case is a work of art, as this luxury fountain pen comes in a wooden box shaped like a tobacco leaf.

3. Cargo Exotic Leather Brown Luxury Fountain Pen Louis Vuitton

Aside from the iconic LV monogram, Louis Vuitton is known for selling only the finest leather goods. The French-made Louis Vuitton Cargo Exotic Leather Brown Luxury Fountain Pen is of the same caliber and feels reminiscent of the most refined French cafes, complete with copious amounts of red wine and premium leather seating.

This luxury fountain pen is covered in gorgeous deep brown alligator leather and has palladium details around the cap, body, and nib.

Best Luxury Pens

This writing instrument's essence is about displaying a poised, strong personality, which you'll undoubtedly model when using it as your desk. The cost of this luxury pen is available upon request.

2. Timekeeper Luxury Fountain Pen 1010

A pen that looks like it belongs in the latest Mission Impossible film… and the 1010 Timekeeper Luxury Fountain Pen fits the bill. This writing instrument is one of the best luxury pens in the world because it is also a timepiece with Roman numerals.

Best Luxury Pens

The entire pen was designed to resemble the world of luxury timepieces, and the silver and rhodium-plated caps can be swapped out to suit your tastes. You can further customize this pen by choosing a nib size. This high-end pen costs approximately $9,555.

1. Aurora 88 Luxury Fountain Pen

The Aurora 88 Luxury Fountain Pen (now $855, down from $950) is worth noting if you're looking for a luxury fountain pen that's both practical and unique. This limited edition luxury fountain pen from Aurora's Stellar Collection pays homage to all planets, including our prized Mother Earth.

The fountain pen's barrel and cap are made in Italy and are colored in a hypnotic blue combination. The final piston knob and grip are all made of black resin, while the nib is made of solid 18 karat gold.

Best Luxury Pens

The Aurora 88 also features a hidden reservoir piston fill system, providing extra ink for the day and allowing you to add fresh ink with a simple twist. You'll also receive this luxury fountain pen in a black lacquer box to display (when not in use, of course).

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