Best 90s Horror Movies Complete Info!

We can say that The 1990s was the best transitional period for horror movies to lighten up in America. Plenty of good and great horror movies got released at that time, including A Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween. K-Horror and J-Horror movies also began to make their fanbase by the end of the 90s.

Many movies were made later on as an installment of those movies, but they ended up into absurd realms. However, some of the franchise installments proved out to be amazing, like Hellraiser 3, The Exorcist 3, Army of Darkness, and Alien 3.

best 90s horror movies

Many movies are described as being in the thriller genre, but people categorize them as horror. Example of such movies is Cape Fear and Misery. However, the horror genre is also closely related to the thriller genre. Horror solidified itself as an art form at that time.

By keeping the following points in mind, we have shortlisted the ten best horror movies of the 1990s. Have a look.

Scream 2

Wes Craven is the director of the American slasher film. It got released on 10th December 1997 in Hollywood and on 12th December 1997 in the United States.

After getting into college, Sidney discovers that she is the target of a psychotic killer again. This time the count of the murder will be higher, and the killing will be more dangerous. Scream is the same only the location is changed. The film carries the dread and terror created by the director.

Baby Blood

Alain Robak is the director of the French horror film. It got released on 24th January 1990 in France.

In the movie, a young woman becomes impregnated with an unknown entity that uses her to kill the people to satisfy his thirst for blood. She gets impregnated at her workplace, which is a circus. The unknown creature is like any other baby that needs to be fed upon. However, he drives his mother to feed upon the blood of the victims. The voice of the devil that will come into the existence soon remains in people's minds.


Guillermo del Toro is the director of the American science fiction horror film. It got released on 22nd August 1997 in the United States.

Dr. Susan is an entomologist who has made a mutant insect that kills disease-bearing cockroaches a few years ago. In the present time, the insect has become a monster and wants to wipe out mankind. A group of scientists hunts the man-made killer insect, which was originally made to wipe out the plague.

Body Parts

Eric Red is the director of the American body sci-fi horror film. It got released on 2nd August 1991.

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The story of the movie revolves around a criminal psychologist named Bill Chrishank, who loses his arm in a car accident. He is soon grafted with a donor's arm over his body. He soon discovers that the arm is possessed by the ghost of a serial killer. Bill was a family man and a college professor, but soon he starts misbehaving with his kids and wife. The film leads to a wild and bloody climax.

The Exorcist III

William Peter Blatty is the director of the American psychological horror film. It got released on 17th August 1990.

best 90s horror movies

The story is all about Lieutenant Kinderman, who is set to investigate the brutal murder cases. All the murders have the mark of The Gemini, a serial killer. As the story progresses, many disturbing facts come into the limelight and leave Kinderman in trouble.

Bad Moon

Eric Red has also directed the next in the line named Bad Moon. The Canadian-American horror film got released on 1st November 1996 in the United States.

The movie revolves around the life of Ted. He works in Nepal, where he and his girlfriend are attacked by a creature. Ted survives the attack, but his girlfriend dies. For help, he moves to the nearby house of his sister. However, he soon realizes that he has been attacked by a werewolf. He is helpless about his transformation and is a threat to the nearby people. Bad Moon is the only werewolf movie to be ranked here.

The Relic

Peter Hyams is the director of the American monster-horror film. It got released on 10th January 1997.

It is a thrilling story of a large creature in the Chicago Field Museum. After witnessing many murders, a policeman and a biologist trying to find out the creature responsible for the murders in the corridors. The biologist collects and puts up the clues to find the creature, whereas the policeman is the lead detective.

Interview With The Vampire

Neil Jordan is the director of the American gothic horror film. It got released on 11th November 1994.

Spanish Lord Louis turns into a vampire with the help of Lestat de Lioncourt after the death of his wife and daughter. Lestat converts himself into a plague-ridden girl so that he could keep Louis on his side. Jordan was more focused on the action and transformation applied in the movie.


Frank Marshall is the director of the American comedy horror film. It got released on 18th July 1990.

After shifting into a small town, Dr. James Atherton witnesses unexpected and unexplained deaths. After investigating the case, he discovers that a flock of spiders is responsible for the deaths of the locals. The eight-legged friends take up the entire California town under it.


John Carpenter is the director of the American independent neo-Western horror film. It got released on 30th October 1998.

In this movie, Jack and his team of mercenaries struggle to hunt down the vampires. They also have the responsibility to retrieve the Black Cross of Berziers, which is an ancient relic. If the relic will be taken away by the vampires, then they will be able to endure the sunlight.


There are many more movies on the list like Candyman, The Eternal, Whispering Corridors, Stir of Echoes, Alien 3, Dust Devil, etc. It was difficult to fill them in the list, but they deserve to be mentioned.

If you have not watched these movies yet, then you must need to experience the terror displayed by them. If we have missed something, then do mention it in the comment section below.