‘Belfast’ Review: Cast | Where To Watch This ‘Comedy Drama’?

Belfast Review: “Belfast” is without a doubt Kenneth Branagh’s most personal film to date, yet it is sure to resonate with a wide audience.

It depicts a violent and turbulent moment in Northern Ireland through the perspective of a nine-year-old child; who is innocent and enthusiastic.

It’s also shot in soft black-and-white with periodic bursts of brilliant color.

Branagh has crafted a picture that is both intimate and ambitious in reminiscing about his childhood in an isolated area in the titular city—his “Roma;” if you’ll allow the inevitable comparison to Alfonso Cuarón’s recent masterpiece.

The writer/director attempts a difficult balancing act, and for the most part, he succeeds.

This love letter to a significant location and time in his upbringing; as well as the individuals who helped mold him into the singular cultural force he’d become; is difficult not to be charmed by.

Belfast Review

Long before the tribute that plays before the end credits—”For the ones who stayed.”

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For those who have left. And for all those who have gone missing.” —the wistful heart on Branagh’s sleeve is palpable.

The Cast of Belfast 2021

However, because we’re seeing the events of the summer of 1969 through the eyes of a charming boy named Buddy—stand-in; for Branagh’s Jude Hill—there can be an oversimplification of the workplace upheaval; as well as an emotional detachment in the way the picture is shot.

Belfast Review

We see and hear things in fragments and murmurs, through open windows and cracked doors, through short hallways, and across the tight living room, where “Star Trek” always appears to be on the TV.

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(The evocative black-and-white photography is provided by Haris Zambarloukos, who has filmed numerous of Branagh’s films, including “Cinderella” and “Murder on the Orient Express.”)

Belfast Movie Where to Watch?

Belfast, like the majority of this year’s nominees, is available to see at home.

Belfast Review

The movie is presently available to rent on Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, YouTube, Redbox, and Vudu.

The garbage can lid he’d been using as a toy shield suddenly becomes a key piece of protection against flying rocks as the Protestant mob charges down his block while he’s playing make-believe in the middle of the street, trying to root out the nearby Catholic families.

In “Belfast,” this is the ongoing push-pull that serves as a through-line.

It’s a film that is frequently in conflict with itself, producing equal parts melancholy and irritation.

Ultimately, however, you will be won over by the genuineness on display. Otherwise, you’d have to be built of stone, especially in the simple, quiet times when Buddy learns important life lessons while listening to Van Morrison’s music.

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(Yes, the words are cheesy as I type them, but the kid is just precious.) It’s a nice touch that Buddy’s infatuation with her—a pig-tailed blonde who happens to be Catholic—is also the smartest kid in class, and the manner he woos her brings back good memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Belfast the Film Worth Watching?

The picture is manipulative and sentimental, and it can feel a little derivative at times.

But it’s also real, affectionate, and engrossing, and it pounds its buttons so effectively that I burst out laughing just as I was supposed to.

At the very least three times A bright-eyed childhood narrative that has been meticulously crafted to be an Oscar frontrunner.

Is Belfast a Depressing Film?

Despite the danger, there is a lot of humor, especially in scenes with Buddy and his grandparents. However, there is also sadness, with a beloved character dying of an unspecified illness and Buddy’s parents (Jamie Dornan and Caitriona Balfe) having to decide whether to leave their home and start a new life.

Is Belfast a Fictionalised Version of a Genuine Story?

While Belfast is not a true story, Branagh’s personal experience as a child allows the film to address concerns that many families in Northern Ireland suffered throughout the Troubles.

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