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A Bit About Becoming Elizabeth: Follow young orphan Elizabeth Tudor as she sets out to win the English throne and becomes entangled in the racial and sexual politics of the court.

Quick Facts About Becoming Elizabeth

First episode date: June 12, 2022
Genre: Drama; Historical fiction
Original network: Starz
Producer: Lisa Osborne
Production company: The Forge
Written by:
Anya Reiss; Suhayla El Bushra; Anna Jordan; Emily Ballou

Becoming Elizabeth Cast

Becoming Elizabeth Cast

  1. Alicia von Rittberg
  2. Tom Cullen
  3. Jessica Raine
  4. Bella Ramsey
  5. Romola Garai
  6. Oliver Zetterström
  7. Jamie Blackley
  8. John Heffernan

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1. Alicia von Rittberg

German actress Alicia Gräfin von Rittberg is one of them. She has several parts in German movies and TV shows before being recognized outside of her native country for her brief appearance as Emma in the 2014 film Fury.

 2. Tom Cullen

Wales-born Welsh actor and filmmaker Thomas Cullen. He appeared in the indie film Weekend, the television series Downton Abbey as Anthony Foyle, Viscount Gillingham, and the historical drama Knightfall as Sir Landry.

3. Jessica Raine

Actress Jessica Raine is from England. She is most recognized for her performances as Verity Lambert in the television movie An Adventure in Space and Time and Jenny Lee in the television series Call the Midwife.

4. Bella Ramsey

Actress Isabella May Ramsey is from England. She is well-known for her portrayals of Mildred Hubble in the 2017 CBBC television series The Worst Witch and adolescent noblewoman Lyanna Mormont in the HBO fantasy television series Game of Thrones. Ramsey provides the title character's voice in the Netflix animated series Hilda as of 2018.

5. Romola Garai

Actress and director Romola Sadie Garai are from the United Kingdom. She made film appearances in Amazing Grace, Atonement, Glorious 39, Emma, The Hour, and The Crimson Petal and the White for the BBC. She has received two Golden Globe nominations and one BAFTA nomination.

6. Jamie Blackley

Actor Jamie Alexander Blackley is from the UK. He gained notoriety for playing Adam Wilde in the movie If I Stay.

7. John Heffernan

Actor John Heffernan is from the UK. He has performed with the National Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Company, and the English Touring Theatre, playing the lead parts in Oppenheimer and Edward II, respectively, at the National Theatre and the RSC. Heffernan, who worked as an usher at the National Theatre, was born in Billericay, England.

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A Replay of Becoming Elizabeth Season 1: England Will Be On Fire!

Actress. I wouldn't say I like Elizabeth. Elizabeth threw Robert Dudley in the Tower for marrying without her permission and broke one of her ladies-in-fingers (again, because of the marriage-without-permission thing).

Becoming Elizabeth Cast

  • She had a terrible temper, and I'm not saying it would be in full flow here, but more prominent personalities overshadow her.
  • Series continuous Mary. Is she crazy? Okay. Try living Mary Tudor's life and then being told you're marrying someone whose opinions are opposite to yours. Finally! Finally! Logic.
  • Tom Cranmer? Right? Mary burned him for helping Edward's Protestant reforms and writing the Book of Common Prayer.
  • Cranmer's dismissal appears wrong. Who doesn't want a forger's hand burned? We can't change history, so we might as well dramatize it.
  • Hello! During his reign, Edward burns two people. Compared to Mary's (nearly 300). 300) Adult-baptized Anabaptists.
  • When I'm down on humanity's moral growth, I remember how I can tell my wife I want our hypothetical children to choose baptism.
  • The 16th century wouldn't have been approved for various reasons.
  • Spanish envoy worried about England and Mary. He wants Mary to move to Spain. Spain won't go to war to protect her. Nice! Suppose?
  • Catherine of Aragon, Mary's mother, is Spanish, and Charles V has sheltered her (who rules Spain, among other parts of Europe).
  • She was reared like a princess in England (until her father disowned her but ignored that).
  • We can't imagine how 16th-century people saw religion, but consider how unhappy people were when Starbucks removed Christmas messages from their cups.
  • Imagine a monarch who didn't like his wife upsetting your main religion. You thought the correct beliefs and behavior could prevent eternal pain.
  • People sought to practice the “proper” religion and save their neighbors from damnation by barring alternative preachers.
  • Matthew 18:6 doesn't help: “If someone causes one of these small ones to stumble, it would be better for them to be drowned.” So. This might empower people.
  • Mary doesn't want to leave England because it's her home, but she feels a spiritual obligation to its people due to Edward's persecution of Catholicism.
  • Edward orders her to marry a “Protestant zealot” Cruel! Dudley burns her religious items. When Mary resists her scheduled marriage, he says this. We're doomed. Bishop Gardiner falls stairs. Dudley's Evil (EVB).
  • Mary attacks Lord Dudley, saying, “You'll BURN for this; God sees you.” Pedro intervenes.
  • Yes! It's dramatic foreshadowing (though not for Dudley, who still throws people downstairs). Mary's swagger
  • Elizabeth tries to persuade Edward not to marry Dane. She tries Somerset after Edward declines.
  • Somerset says his sister died giving birth to Edward for Henry, and his brother died after bringing Elizabeth into his house (and for being an idiot), so he won't get involved with their nasty family. Despite Somerset's grumpiness, I want him to leave the court.
  • A servant takes Mary and Elizabeth to a field. Mary initially doubts Elizabeth's intentions.
  • Elizabeth wishes she'd listened to her about everything and says her life has fallen apart except Mary.
  • Sisterhood! Elizabeth answers “Maybe” when Mary says the ambassador wants her to flee.
  • Mary feels Elizabeth wants her accused of treason to take England and considers her a “stealthier predator” than Dudley.
  • Elizabeth's sudden change of heart emotionally destabilizes her.
  • Mary nears Spain. Elizabeth's foto clothes made me happy. Has Robin earned this scene? No. Over Thomas.
  • Elizabeth married a Dane (the king? Prince? Duke? He canceled after hearing something about her (I didn't write it down because it's fake).

Edward describes Elizabeth's mother's sad monologue. They're generous!

Becoming Elizabeth Cast

He was choking Edward slides. Gasp! Finished? Oh, sh*t! says Dudley (for him). Mary warns Pedro that England will burn to halt the disease. Strangely cool.

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Wow. Excel, Tudors! The second season should focus on Mary's rule and recast Elizabeth.

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