Barry Season 3: Release Date CONFIRMED! Will Barry Season 3 Have Any New Characters?

Barry, Bill Hader's (very) dark comedy shown on HBO for two seasons, has established itself as some of the most ambitious entertainment currently available. (Who could forget, for example, the episode in which an almost savage small girl attacked our titular assassin?)

What began out as a comedy with a brilliant hook—a murderer gets hired to assassinate an aspiring actor and gets the acting bug himself—ended up being an investigation of whether or not a person can ever truly overcome their violent nature.

Barry Season 3
Barry Season 3

Ultimately, a “violent piece of crap” will stay a “violent piece of shit,” as it turns out in this case. A subtle spoof of acting school clichés is interwoven with absurdism in the guise of some amusing Chechen mobsters, making Barry a genuinely unique and memorable performer.

The program would be renewed for a third season after its Season 2 cliffhanger, and happily, it was officially restored in May of this year. Fans were already clamoring for more episodes following the Season 2 conclusion. Still, now that the program has been off the air for several years, more Barry could not be more eagerly anticipated.

In anticipation of Season 3, we're breaking down everything we know so far about the show right now.

When Will Season 3 of Barry Be Released?

Barry Season 3
Barry Season 3

After a lengthy period of anticipation, we now know when Barry Season 3 will premiere. HBO started in February 2022, and the show would return on Sunday, April 24, 2022, and air on HBO.

Because of the epidemic, the release of this series was delayed, as was the case with many others. When COVID-19 struck, the program was amid pre-production, and everything was forced to stop.

When the cast was informed of the postponement, Henry Winkler told PeopleTV in April 2020 that they were all prepared to conduct their second table read. Production on the series did not begin until the summer and fall of 2021, and the series did not finish filming until the following year.

However, while it has been a while since the program has been on the air, the good news is that it is finally returning, with Season 4 set to premiere shortly. Bill Hader said to Seth Meyers in a January 2021 interview that, even though they hadn't yet begun filming Season 4, he had already completed the whole script for the fourth season. We'll accept all Barry we can get our hands on!

What Will Season 3 of Barry Be About?

Barry Season 3
Barry Season 3

If you recall, Barry Season 2 came to a close on a depressing note. Almost certainly, it will be gloomy and unpleasant in tone. There's no doubt that a titular figure is a terrible person with a big B.

In contrast to Fuches, he is a serial murderer, as proved by the monastery full of criminals that he slaughtered in cold blood out of wrath at Fuches's treatment of him (Stephen Root). On top of that, he permits Gene Cousineau (Winkler), his acting mentor, to be arrested for the death of Cousineau's girlfriend, a crime that Barry is suspected of having committed himself.

Cousineau understands that his pupil is, in fact, a cold-blooded assassin in the last minutes of the episode, and he exclaims, “Oh my god,” just before the credits begin to roll.

According to Variety, Hader teased the audience when accepting an award at the University of Southern California in April 2021: “So much of it is about going with the flow of the emotions and being loyal and honest to the characters' personalities.

You get some amusing stuff and some pretty sad stuff when you do that.” In an interview with, Anthony Carrigan, alias Noho Hank, predicted “hazardous stuff [coming], but the scary stuff makes for the most fantastic stuff.” Carrigan's character, Noho Hank, is a fictional character created by actor Anthony Carrigan.

Is There a Trailer for Barry Season 3?

Yes! An emotional trailer for the subsequent HBO series was published in April 2022, which opens with Barry menacingly munching a doughnut and concludes with him and Cousineau finally chatting. While all is going on, Sally walks the red carpet, and Noho Hank is misquoting The Shawshank Redemption. We can't wait to get started!


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Will There Be Any New Characters in Barry Season 3?

Season 3's entire teaser includes a brief sight of Elsie Fisher, best known for her role in the film Eighth Grade, who is expected to join the ensemble as an unknown character. However, several recognizable faces have returned as well.

Of course, Barry and Gene will go head to head. Fuchs and Noho Hank both survived Barry's rampage and are still involved, and Barry's girlfriend Sally (Sarah Goldberg) is enjoying a breakthrough moment in her professional life.