Barkskins Season 2: Plot, Renewal Status, Trailer And More!

American author Annie Proulx published her book Barkskins in 2016. René Sel and Charles Duquet, two immigrants to New France, are profiled along with their descendants.

It spans more than 300 years and records the destruction of the New World's forests from the advent of European settlers to the present-day era of global warming.

Barkskins Season 2: Plot

The titular “bark skins” are indentured laborers who were brought from the slums of Paris to New France's wilderness in 1693 “… to clear the land, to conquer this wicked wilderness” (p. 17). To get their land, the two men must work for three years. Charles Duquet, however, flees at the first chance to make as much money as possible in the fur trade.

Barkskins Season 2

On the other hand, the master, René Sel, diligently uses the ax to clear farms. Later, Mari, a Mi'kmaq healer who bears him children, the master's rejected slave, is made to marry him. Thus, the Sel family has a working-class and Native American history.

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Duquet, who successfully made his way out of the woods, has a lot to make, from selling furs and logs and defrauding people wherever he can. The Duke & Sons timber empire won't be built after him until he marries the daughter of a Dutch business partner, establishes a Boston office, Anglicizes the family name to Duke, and fathers or adopts the boys who will do it.

For the entire time, the Sel family has been unhappy. The kids are constantly looking toward their future as Native Americans in a world of white people. For instance, Indian loggers were frequently hired for river labor, balancing on enormous logs as they raced down rivers where a careless move may result in a man being crushed before he perished.

Barkskins Season 2: Renewal Status

Will National Geographic cancel Barkskins or renew it for a second season? The reviews have been decent thus far, but it isn't easy to discern what the channel considers a success because it doesn't run many original scripted series.

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The creator of the program should follow this formula for a second season. If Nat Geo approves, we'll need to keep an eye out. I'll update this page with any breaking changes.

The main hero is gathered when the blood war begins as the Iroquois attack Wobik in the epilogue. Ratahsénthos (Ryoko Bellemare) was eventually injured in the neck by Renardette (Lola Reid). It is still unclear who profited from it.

Barkskins Season 2: Release Date: Was It Canceled?

The television series Barkskins has been officially canceled by National Geographic. Barkskins' first season will be the last. National Geographic has no plans for the upcoming season yet, but nothing is certain.

Barkskins Season 2

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Season two has not been planned or scheduled as of July 2022. Please register for updates below and participate in the discussion in our forums if you want to be informed of any changes.

Barkskins Season 2: Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Barkskins Have a Season 2?

On May 25, 2020, National Geographic Began Airing Barkskins, an American Drama Television Series Based on the Same-titled Book by Annie Proulx. In Quebec, the Television Show Was Filmed. It Was Later Decided to Sell the Village Constructed for the Show. Following One Season, the Show Was Cancelled.

Does Disney Plus Have Barkskins?

Barkskins Won't Be Available on Disney Plus, but You Can Still Watch It! Of Course, You Can Watch It on Television, but It's Okay if You Can't Make It to the Live Broadcast. The Day After It Airs, Each Episode of the Programme Will Be Accessible to View on Hulu, According to National Geographic.

What is the Mark on Delphine in Barkskins?

When a Woodcutter Coerced Himself on Her, She Was Thirteen Years Old. Delphine Put Up a Valiant Fight and Was Able to Maintain Her Virtue, but Not Before the Woodcutter Injured Her. He Used His Knife to Leave the Same Mark on Her Body as Was on All of His Locks.


Based on Annie Proulx's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name, BARKSKINS follows a diverse collection of outcasts as they struggle to survive harsh challenges, conflicting goals, and complicated loyalties in late 1600s New France, a crossroads of civilization.

While navigating the harsh frontier difficulties, conflicting interests, and complicated loyalties at the crossroads of civilization in the New World, a diverse collection of outcasts and dreamers fight to escape their pasts. Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning author Annie Proulx's book.

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