Back 4 Blood: Tunnels of Terror DLC Release Date- Every Detail You Missed!

In addition to the release date for Tunnels of Terror, Turtle Rock Studios revealed a massive new player count for Back 4 Blood's upcoming first major update, “Tunnels of Terror.”

To date, Back 4 Blood has been played by more than 10 million people, and publisher Warner Bros. claims it will be the best-selling new console IP in 2021.

Back 4 Blood: Tunnels of Terror

Even while it's accessible on Xbox Game Pass, the game hasn't necessarily sold a ton of copies. This is still a large amount.

Back 4 Blood's Tunnels of Terror addition is included in the game's Ultimate and Deluxe editions, as well as the Annual Pass, which may be purchased separately. Although pricing has yet to be determined, it can be purchased by itself.

What does the DLC include?

This add-on includes the Ridden Hives PvE action, as well as new Cleaners and Ridden playable characters, as well as new cosmetic items for characters and weapons in general.

Back 4 Blood: Tunnels of Terror

Seven dungeons in Ridden Hives are infested by creatures known as Warped Ridden, which the players must work together to defeat. Sharice (the axe-wielding firefighter) and Heng are the names of the two new Cleaners (a “no-nonsense restauranteur”).

Back 4 Blood and Tunnels of Terror will also feature the extremely challenging No Hope difficulty option, but it will be available to everyone as a free download.

Back 4 Blood Trailer

Even though we don't have a proper trailer for the DLC, you can still check out the amazing trailer for the base game here:


A party of four can play Tunnels of Terror if only one person in the group has acquired the game. No microtransaction content of any kind or shape will be introduced to Back 4 Blood in this new expansion, according to the firm.

Back 4 Blood: Tunnels of Terror

Steve Goldstein, CEO of Turtle Rock Studios, described the 10 million player milestone for Back 4 Blood as a “historic moment” for both the studio and the game.

Turtle Rock was bought by Tencent in 2021 after the release of Back 4 Blood as part of the Chinese internet giant's ongoing and increasing development.

Final Words

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