Avril Lavigne Broke Up Engagement With Mod Sun Recently, Know More About Her Dating History

Avril Lavigne is a heartbreaker as well as a talented musician. You can read her recent ex, Mod Sun, and her previous marriages in this  article. Avril Lavigne has been through her fair share of relationship problems, including two divorces.

Avril Lavigne is a singer best known for her hits “Complicated,” “Girlfriend,” and others.
Presently, she is not married , but she has been married twice before. In April 2022, the rocker announced his engagement to singer Mod Sun. Avril and Mod have called off their engagement and are no longer together as of February 21, 2023.

Is Avril Lavigne Engaged With Mod Sun?

The Grammy-nominated artist, Avril Lavigne moved on and fell in love with Mod again. According to PEOPLE, Avril and the rapper met over two years ago in January 2021 while working in the studio together. When they met in February 2022, the blonde beauty told the outlet that she was taking a break from dating when she met Mod. “I knew we had an unbreakable bond from the first week of writing and working together in the studio. “Right away,” she exclaimed at the time. “He improved every day. It felt like I'd known him for years. Things continued to improve over time, and it felt completely natural.”

Soon after, Mod proposed to Avril and they will marry in March 2022. The Canadian native announced the happy occasion on Instagram at the time. “Oui! “I'll always love you Dimanche. 27. Mars. 2022,” she captioned the carousel of engagement photos. Mod not only proposed to Avril in a romantic manner in Paris, France, but he also gave her a massive heart-shaped diamond ring!

Avril And Sun Mod

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and Avril's representatives confirmed to Page Six that the couple had split up as of Feb. 21, 2023. Despite this, TMZ reported the news that day, but Mod's representatives were unaware of the split. “They were together and engaged three days ago when he left for tour, so if anything has changed, that's news to him,” his representatives told the outlet on Tuesday. Hollywood Life contacted both representatives to confirm the news, but did not receive an immediate response.

What Caused Avril Lavigne And Mod Sun To Break Off Their Engagement?

Despite her high-profile career, Avril has kept her dating life private for many years. However, after she was seen having dinner with Tyga and a group of friends on February 19, 2023, rumours began to circulate that she and Mod Sun had called it quits.

PEOPLE confirmed on February 21, 2023, “they are no longer together as a couple.”

About The Previous Marriages Of Avril

Avril married two times before Sun Mod, and divorced, the brief information of her both relations is given below.

Avril and Chad Kroeger

Avril married Canadian musician Chad Kroeger (Instagram) in 2013, her Second Husband, eight years before her romance with Mod. Avril's marriage to Chad was notable for being her shortest, as they divorced in 2015. Chad, like his now-ex-wife, is a singer, but he is also the lead singer of the famous band Nickelback. She met the “How You Remind Me” hitmaker after dating Brody Jenner in 2010, and they married in 2013. According to E! Online, she took to Instagram two years later to reveal that she and Chad had called it quits.

On July 2, 2013, Avril confirmed her engagement with chad via Twitter and wrote, “I’m so excited to tell you the rumors are true… Chad and I got married yesterday!”

“We've created many unforgettable moments not only through the marriage, but also through the music,” Avril wrote at the time of their divorce. Also wrote, “We are still, and forever will be, the best of friends, and will always care deeply for each other.”

They are still “super close,” she told PEOPLE in 2019. “He’s just always been a cheerleader of mine and always been such a huge fan. He’s in my corner, he’s on my side, and he’s always been really great.”

How Long is Avril's Marriage To Deryck Whibley?

Avril married 42-year-old singer Deryck Whibley (Instagram) for the first time in 2006. This was her first marriage and the longest, as they didn't divorce until 2010. After two years into their marriage, she revealed to OK! magazine, via PEOPLE,  that she didn't want children until later in life. “Oh God! I don't want to have kids for like 10 years,” she quipped, before adding, “I still have a lot to do. I'm not even sure I could handle a dog right now. I'm so not ready. Someday I’ll be a mom, but not until I’m in my 30s.”

In 2011, Avril told Rolling Stone about her romance and revealed that she met the Sum 41 founder when she was 17 years old. “The first day I met him, I made out with him,” she told the outlet at the time. “He gave me my first Jäger shot. I was wearing a tie—it was back in the tie days.” After four years of marriage, Avril revealed on her website that she and Deryck had decided to divorce. She said, “We've been friends since I was 17, dating since I was 19, and married when I was 21.I am grateful for our time together, and I am grateful and blessed for our remaining friendship.”

Who Was Dated By Avril In The Past?

Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner began dating in February 2010. After two years of dating, the couple split in January 2012.

“It was mutual, but Brody really broke up with her,” a source told Us Weekly at the time. Also, He told her he was tired of always being her plus-one and always going on tour with her. He said he needs a career of his own again and he didn't want to go on the tour. Avril didn't like that. “She also lost respect for him because he hasn't done anything.”

Brody addressed the breakup on Twitter, writing: “Avril has always been there for me and is the person I love the most. “I love her,” Avril responded, “luv u 2!!!””


Avril has had many affairs in her life, and she married two times which were not successful. She divorced from her previous husband. Recently she broke up her engagement with Mod Sun.

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