Avatar Season 2 Ending Explained: The Perfection of “The Last Airbender”!

Avatar Season 2 Ending Explained: James Cameron's “Avatar: The Way of Water” is set 10 years after the events of “Avatar” & follows Jake Sully, Neytiri & the Omaticaya family as they return to Pandora. Neteyam is their oldest child. There's also Lo'ak. Tuk is the littlest of them. Kira, who was born from Dr. Augustine's Avatar, is their adoptive daughter.

They have also taken in a human named Spider who was left behind in Hell's Gate after the Sky People were evacuated. They are living in peace until the Sky People return to re-colonize the exoplanetary moon & drain its water supplies. Quaritch & his entire platoon have returned as Recombinants & are out for retribution after their previous defeat, forcing the Sullys to seek safety with the Metkayina clan. In this article, we will discuss the ending explanation of Avatar Season 2.

Avatar Season 2 Ending Explained

Why is what I mentioned about Quaritch, Jake, the Metkayinans & the Tulkun so important to the film's ending? It shows the importance of perspective. Quaritch exploits Avatar & Na'vi culture to find & kill Jake. Jake is willing to bow to authority to protect his family & his Na'vi heritage. The Metkayinans welcome the Tulkun but not the Sullys.

Avatar Season 2 Ending Explained

Kiri & Lo'ak contradict traditional wisdom by discovering new aspects of the Tulkun & Metkayinan ecosystems. The reasons are obvious. Lo'ak feels like an outsider in his family since Jake wants him to be like his eldest, Neteyam. Eywa's mystical relationship makes Kiri hazy, emotionally disconnected & frail.

Neteyam saves Lo'ak, Tsireya & Spider but is shot. His death inspires Lo'ak to save his father from Quaritch's death. Kiri relies on her relationship with Eywa to discover Neytiri & Tuk, who are trapped in an inaccessible ship location. The light fish helps her escape & rescue her mother & sister.

Instead, they should learn to let go & rely on their children in emergencies. Spider also saves a drowning Quaritch because he loves their family bond & worries that Neytiri won't treat him like one of her children. He returns to Kiri, Jake & the Sully family.

According to Metkayina tradition, seagrass eats Neteyam's body above his tomb. Jake Sully tells Tonowari that he & his family will leave Awa'atulu the next day due to Quaritch's pursuit & destruction of their home & property. The maritime Na'vi tribes whose dwellings were torched remained silent about Jake's movements as Tonowari directed.

Tonowari claims that he & his family belong among the Metkayina & are invited to stay. Tonowari's prolonged neutrality has allowed the Sky People to move on the seas & his recent realization that avoiding battle won't protect them may have influenced his decision. Tonowari knows Jake Sully & Neytiri defeated the Sky People.

A son died recently. That's too late to instruct them to flee. Jake & Neytiri accept Tonowari's offer. One last meeting with Neteyam under the Spirit Tree convinces them to fight the Sky People.

“The Way of Water” ends with Quaritch & Jake Sully, unlike “Avatar.” “Avatar” was the conclusion of colonialism. “The Way of Water” shows the latest rebellion. It's no surprise that James Cameron & his team prioritized creating the main rivalry & showing us what it would take to defeat the opponent.

However, the sequels may reveal Kiri's spiritually powerful father. Dr. Augustine never showed powers to change Pandora's natural nature. Kiri must have inherited his abilities. Watching Neytiri, Spider & Quaritch interact will be fascinating. Jake considers Spider his kid.

Quaritch's newfound empathy may complicate the heroes-vs.-villains struggle by trying to recruit Spider. The easy stuff doesn't interest anyone. James Cameron & his team are free to complicate things.