Attack on Titan’s Eren Jaeger: How Old is Eren in Season 4? Explained!

Attack on Titan is one of the most well-known television shows in the world right now. Because of this, season four of ‘Attack on Titan was one of the most anticipated series premieres of 2020, and for a good reason.

After all, season three ended on a depressing note, with the casts of Paradis Island learning the truth about the origin of titans, the survival of Marley, and the dark realization that there is a realm beyond the three partitions that protect them. Therefore, we were all looking forward to seeing how the producers would proceed with the story in the future.

It's sufficient to say that the fourth season of ‘Attack on Titan' has not disappointed anyone. However, despite the apparent conclusion, many questions remain unanswered, particularly regarding the admiration for necessary casts.

This post-apocalyptic collection is set in a world where colossal Titans roam the countryside, consuming humans as they go. As a result, kindness has been compelled to remain confined within three partitions to protect them.

Their only means of combat brought back so many members of their military, particularly the Survey Corps, which works in teams outside the partitions to learn more about these massive beasts and to dispatch them.

Height: 5'7″
Created by: Hajime Isayama
The Rogue Titan; The Attack Titan; The Founding Titan; The Devil; Mr.Kruger
Movies and TV shows: Attack on Titan
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What is Eren's Age?

Humanity has been sacrificed in the name of love until one day, the division mentioned above was breached by Titans, allowing humankind to return. Eren Jaeger is the central character of the story. He resides in Shiganshina, one of the cities located within Wall Maria, the outer wall, which is where he was born.

Eren is even more determined to be a part of the navy to destroy the Titans as a phase of his attack after dropping his mother off in this tragic story.

Attack on Titan is a story that spans a wide range of periods. As a result, for the duration of the show, how historical is Eren? Let's take a step back and look at the sequence as it begins at some point during the year 850.

According to legend, the hole in Wall Maria was created at some point during the year 845. For the duration of this event, Eren was approximately ten years older than he is now. Two years later, he decides to enlist in the army, where he meets Mikasa and Armin's childhood friends.

Eren Yeager's Age

Now that he has returned to the year 850, he has received a 15 from the Cadet Corps. The term skip (the source of Season 4) occurs four years later, making him 19 years old at the time of the show's conclusion.

It's a little difficult to accept that the actors in the story are all so young at some point during the majority of the activities depicted.

In any case, seeing a group of traumatized teens' special memories or conditions is no longer unique through the lens of the shonen style of animation.

What is the Plot of Attack on Titan?

Eren Yeager, the series' main protagonist, will most likely be the show's focus when it returns in the fall, and he will most likely become the show's primary focus moving forward.

The first time Eren appeared on the show, he slaughtered a large number of innocent citizens during an attack on the country of Marley (the existence of which was only just revealed to viewers in the season 3 finale and promptly became the focus of the season 4 premiere).

Eren appeared to be at odds with virtually everyone for the rest of his life, and the weight of his heinous war crime hung heavily over the formerly heroic protagonist.

Then, in the final two episodes of season 4, part 1, it was revealed that Eren was allegedly cooperating with his half-brother, Zeke, on a plan to sterilize all Indians to put an end to the suffering caused by the conflict between those who possessed titan powers and those who did not. The series' already dark tone was heightened even further by the addition of this episode.

Attack on Titan

Fans have speculated that Eren was only pretending to cooperate with Zeke's sterilization plan and that he has a different method to end human and titan-human suffering.

Because Eren has always been portrayed as sympathetic to viewers before season 4, the season's conclusion is likely to include an Eren redemption arc.

In any case, the conflict between the nation of Marley and the series' long-running Eldian protagonists should be resolved before the conclusion of Attack on Titan, whether by Eren or another character who the slaughter of innocents has not tainted.

Is There a Trailer for Season 4?

There is! Check it out: