Attack on Rapper Rick Ross After Vancouver Concert Linked to Drake Feud

The feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar escalated following rapper Rick Ross' concert at the Ignite Music Festival in Vancouver on Sunday night.

Rick Ross, 48, was the headliner at the Ignite Music Festival, held at the Plaza of Nations near the stadium in downtown Vancouver.

Ross completed his set around 10:30 pm and exited the stage after singing “Not Like Us”.

Several videos taken at the scene showed some people blocking the way for Ross and his group. After a brief argument, a white man punches Ross in the face, starting a fight. A member of Ross's group is thrown to the ground and then kicked and punched. He stands up and starts walking unconsciously.

This is followed by another fight in which a man becomes unconscious.

“Vancouver is a beautiful city,” Ross said on social media Monday morning. He told TMZ no one from his posse was injured in the brawl.

Attack on Rapper Rick Ross After Vancouver Concert Linked to Drake Feud

Drake and Lamar have been in the news recently due to their feud. In May, a security guard was shot at Drake's Toronto mansion.

Lindsay Sparrow, CFO of the Canadian Events Agency, said she was backstage at the time of the incident.

He described it as a “small skirmish” that was quickly resolved by security, and was caused by Rick Ross targeting Drake by playing Kendrick Lamar's “Not Like Us” while finishing his set.

“Security did a great job and everyone got out safely, which is always the primary concern for our festival visitors,” Sparrow told CBC News.

Other artists at the Ignite Festival included Sikic and Markules.

Ross' real name is William Leonard Roberts II, who has topped the charts for nearly three decades.

The event attempted to cooperate with legal authorities to ensure compliance, as hip-hop performances are sometimes volatile.

It was also reported in the news that no serious injuries or criminal cases were reported after the clash.

BC Emergency Health Services and the Vancouver Police Department told CBC News they did not take any calls to investigate after the clash.(News Source)

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