Atletico-geo Fluminense Completes Unbeaten Run in Brazil – 06/23/2021

Oh Atletico-Geo The Brazilian championship ended with the invincibility of the Bluminens. Defender Nathan Silva scored in the final length of the match, defeating Draco Tricolor 1-0 today (23), at the Estadio Antonio Aguilera in Guinea (GO) for the sixth round match.

In a balanced fight, Atletico-Gio took command of the match at crucial moments, claiming its third victory and recovering after a defeat to Athlete-PR in the final round. With that, Dragon reached ten points, finishing fifth.

Fluminense, who came from a good draw against Fortaleza at Arena Castello, showed little attack and suffered their first defeat. With nine points, the team led by Roger Machado was pushed to eighth.

In the next round, Fluminense will try to recover at home. The triangle faces Corinthians, Sunday (27), at 4 p.m., in Sao Zanurio. Atletico-GEO will try to pack in a complex conflict. The dragon faces the leader Red Bull Bracandino, Back home, Monday (28).

Low emotional conflict

Fluminense spent a lot of time in the area of ​​Atletico-Geo, but it cannot be said that initially Tricolor had control of the competition. In a very consistent fight in the first half, the chances of scoring are low. The Rio team abused the plays from the wings, but it was able to infiltrate the opposing defense. Gois, on the other hand, confined themselves to a strong defensive block and sought the goal from time to time.

Fred misses the best opportunity

Despite their difficulty in breaking the siege at Cois, Fluminense played the ball well. He got his best chance. In a plot that passed on both sides at midfield height, the ball reached Keiki in the middle. He gave a slight touch to Gabriel Dixiera who made an accurate pass to Fred. The ball was on the left foot of the tricolor and was stopped when the low kick went out of the goal in the hands of Fernando Miguel.

Views from a distance: Atletico-Gio's solution

Without great offensive power to harass Fluminense's defense, Atletico-Gio sought long-range kicks and tried to open the score. In the first one, 36 minutes later, Nathaniel sent him towards the goal. Two minutes later, the same attacker had more freedom and risked the placed shot, which went too close to the right bar. On the last move of the first half, a ball raised in that area reached Oder's feet and he missed the finish, without any angle.

Triangular pressure … but only from above

Fluminense was determined to find the target early in the second half. However, chances only appeared on the balls raised in the area of ​​Atletico-Gio. The best of them happened after 2 minutes of kicking a corner. Fernando Miguel discovered the cross of Fred Nena who went to a good store.

Best chance for the dragon

Most of the time Atletico-Gio used their strong identity and the speed of their attackers to scare the karaoke, as they had the ball in favor of the Fluminense. And, thus, he had the best chance of the competition to open the scoreboard. In the 14th minute, Arthur Gomez, who replaced Jono Paulo (injured), was thrown to the right behind the defense and rolled the ball to Johnson. He was free at the penalty spot, but hit the right post first.

Save Marcos Felipe instead

The Fluminence goalkeeper did not spend the entire game without working. In an accidental move, he prevented Atletico-Geo from opening the scoreboard in the 27th minute. A cross from the left landed at the feet of Andre Lewis, who hit an unturned volley. The ball bounced off Marlon Friedas' thigh and into the net, but Marcos Felipe threw it to himself. In the rematch, Su Roberto sent it towards the goal, but before that, he made a misdemeanor on Lucas Claro, which the referee canceled.

Atletico-GEO is offered for its persuasion

The last 20 minutes of the match are the Atletico-Geo field. Unable to catch the ball in the attack, the Fluminense allowed the hosts advances and the freedom to create goal opportunities. In one of them, Arthur Gomez kicked after facing the goal. But soon, Dragon scored. In the 35th minute, Arthur Gomez's cross was accurate and Nathan Silva, who went hard on the opposite foot of Marcos Felipe, opened the scoring.


Atletico-Geo 1 x 0 Fluminance
6th round of the Brazil Championship
Information: June 23, 2021 (Wednesday)
Table: 19th (from Brasilia)
Local: Antonio Aguilera Stadium in Goinia (GO)
Referee: Paulo Caesar Sanowelli (MG)
Assistants: Celso Luis da Silva (MG) and Leonardo Henrique Pereira (MG)
Where: Igor Junio ​​Benavenuto de Oliveira (MG)
Yellow cards: Johnson, Nathan Silva (Atletico-GEO); Gabriel Dixiera, Nino (Fluminence)
Goals: Nathan Silva, 35 minutes in the second half

Atletico-Geo: Fernando Miguel; Dudu, Nathan Silva, Order and Igor Carius (Andre Lewis); Willian Maranho, Marlon Freitas and Jono Palo (Arthur Gomes); Johnson, Su Roberto and Nathaniel. Technician: Eduardo Baroga

Fluminence: Marcos Felipe; Gallery (Samuel Xavier) (Andre), Nino, Lucas Claro and Egidio; Yako Felipe, Martinelli and Nane (Goose); Keiki (Louis Henrique), Fred (Abel Hernandez) and Gabriel Dixiera. Technician: Roger Machado