At Least 43 Dead And Massive Number Of People Injured Due To Train Crash In Greece

A passenger fiery train carrying hundreds of passengers, which included scholars, collided at high speed with an oncoming freight train in a fiery wreck in northern Greece. In this collapse at least 43 people killed and dozens of people injured, said by officials after this terrible crash.

After the accident just before midnight on Tuesday near the town of Tempe as the passenger train was coming out of a highway underpass, several cars collapsed and at least three caught fire.

How Many People Were travelling In the Crashed Train In Greece?

The passenger train was travelling from Athens to the northern city of Thessaloniki, and a cargo train on its way from Thessaloniki to Larissa ,which were collided head on outside the Tempe town before midnight on Tuesday. The train was carrying 342 passengers and 10 staff had set off from the Greek capital four hours earlier.

Roubini Leondari, Larissa’s chief coroner said, “43 bodies had been brought to her for examination and would require DNA identification as they were largely disfigured. Most (of the bodies) are young people,” and also she told the condition to ERT and said, “They are in very bad condition.”

Greece’s firefighting service said the 57 people remained hospitalized late Wednesday, including six in intensive care and More than 15 others were discharged after receiving medical assistance.

More than 200 people who were unharmed or suffered minor injuries who were taken by bus to Thessaloniki whicjh is 130 kilometers (80 miles) to the north. Police took their names when they arrived, in order to track anyone who may be missing.

The channel DW posted a video about this news, the video link is given below:

Many of the victims were described as students who were gathered in the first two carriages, which sustained the full force of the impact of the crash and had been “almost completely  destroyed” and the second carriage served as the train’s canteen.

On twitter Anonymous Press Release page, posted the CCTV footage of two tains hada head on collision in Greece.

What The Authorities Said About The Terrible Train Crash  In Greece?

Speaking to ERT, Giorgos Mathiopoulos, the president of workers at the National Centre of Emergency Care, said: “The hard work starts now. These are very difficult moments.”

The President Katerina Sakellaropoulou Of Greece Said, ” We find ourselves in front of a senseless tragedy, We are mainly mourning young people.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis vowed to determine what caused a train collision near the city of Larissa that resulted in at least 36 fatalities and dozens of injuries. He said, “It is very difficult what we are experiencing today as a country. We are talking about an unspeakable tragedy,” Mitsotakis told reporters during his visit at the crash place. “One thing I can guarantee: we will find out the causes of this tragedy and do everything in our power to make sure this never happens again.”

Train Crash

Moreover, ERT reported that the stationmaster in charge of the railway had been arrested at Larissa in connection to the collision. “He is 59 yearsold man was charged with massive number of deaths through negligence and causing grievous bodily harm through negligence,” the Larissa police department said.

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