Assassination Classroom Season 3: Confirmed or Cancelled?

Assassination Classroom was a unique and innovative series that started off as a very successful manga before being adapted into a variety of other media. There were also a number of very popular anime adaptations, which garnered about 50 episodes over the course of two seasons, in addition to video games and live-action films.

Despite the popularity of the anime series Assassination Classroom, there are no more episodes of the series available after the second season. Here's all you need to know about the show and the source material, including how long it's been since the second season ended and when a third season might be on the way.

What Was the Plot of the Anime?

It all began as a manga series published by Weekly Shonen Jump, which was developed by Yusei Matsui and titled Assassination Classroom. Following the destruction of much of the moon by an octopus-like alien, which threatens to destroy the entire planet within a year, the action takes place on Earth. He also takes on the character of a high school teacher and participates in a shy game in the meantime. The Japanese government intends to bribe one of the children into forcing his teacher to resign by providing her a $ 100 million reward.

However, there are two issues with your strategy. In the first place, “Korosensei,” as the pupils refer to him, possesses a wide range of abilities, some of which entail regeneration and cloning. Additionally, the students themselves appreciate Korosensei since it aids them in their academics as well as in their personal lives. Even with the efforts of other assassins to bring Koro down, the threat to Earth continues to exist as long as he stays the Master of the Year.

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The manga's first 21 volumes were adapted into an OVA, which was eventually turned into an anime. This animated television series, which aired for two seasons and was produced by the Lerche animation studio, lasted for two seasons. The show was a big hit, however it was cancelled in 2016. Since then, there hasn't been a sequel to the series, which raises numerous worries about whether or not it will ever be released at all.

Will There Be a Third Season of the Anime?

A third season of Assassination Classroom will not be produced. The reason for this is that the second season of the show covered the entirety of the manga, or at the very least the most crucial parts of the storyline. When it comes to anime adaptations, some require the creation of a new finale for the plot; however, Assassination Classroom simply adapted the conclusion of the recently completed manga.

Given that the manga had officially concluded a few months before the anime's finale was broadcast, it was possible for the anime to cut out the extraneous material and focus on the actual meat of the plot. Similar to this, the first season of the television series, which ran for 22 episodes and was not overly long, fell roughly in the centre of the manga's storyline.

It made sense to condense the rest of the manga's tale into a few episodes because season 2 was a handful of episodes longer than season 1. Since then, there hasn't been a sequel to the anime, and rationally speaking, there shouldn't be one either.

Where Can I Watch the Show Online?

On Funimation, you can watch all of the Assassination Classroom episodes in English dub. However, it is recommended that you watch the show in Japanese with the subtitles of your choosing. The Japanese version of the show may be obtained on Netflix and Crunchyroll, among other places.