How Did Plus Size Model Ashley Graham Lose Weight?

People have always been interested in how famous people change, and now Ashley Graham's weight-loss journey is getting a lot of attention. The beautiful plus-size body of the famous beauty and mother of three has always been praised in the modeling world.

But lately, Ashley's fans have been talking a lot about how much weight she has lost, which has led to rumors and claims that she is secretly taking drugs or having surgery. However, let's get to the bottom of it and find out the real story of Ashley's weight-loss path.

Who is Ashley Graham?

Ashley Graham is a plus-size model who strongly supports accepting and loving one's body. She wrote a book about it. She first showed up on the cover of Sports Illustrated (SI) in 2016 for the swimsuit issue. Ashley is very good at more than just modeling, though.

Furthermore, she makes her own swimsuits and lingerie. The television show America's Next Top Model had her as a judge more than once. In 2023, she was seen hosting the show before the Oscars and talking to stars on the red carpet.

How did Ashley Graham Lose Weight?

Ashley Graham shocked her fans when she posted on Instagram that she had lost weight and looked different. In the video, she walked down a hotel hallway with confidence as the song “All Eyes on Me” played in the background. The beautiful see-through dress she wore showed off her new body.

Soon after, she went to the French Cannes Film Festival. The amazing change she made in just 8 weeks got the attention of famous reporters, who were interested in Ashley Graham's weight and diet. Some people were guessing that Ashley Graham might have stopped feeling good about her body.

ashley Graham's Weight Loss

But if you look at her most recent shots next to older ones from a different photoshoot, you can see that she hasn't changed much in how she looks. It looks like Ashley put on weight while she was pregnant and then worked hard to lose it, which is a healthy way to do things.

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Women who gain weight after giving birth are more likely to be overweight later in life, which can have long-term health effects. You can successfully deal with this, just like Ashley Graham, by eating well and working out regularly (1). Now, let's talk about her food and workouts to learn more about how she changed.

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