Ashley and Michael Darby Divorce: What is the Reason Behind the Split?

Ashley Darby's marriage to Michael Darby has been the subject of many rumors and ups and downs since The Real Housewives of Potomac started in 2016. When the show started, Ashley's co-stars were surprised by how much older Michael was than she was.

Later, when they ran the now-closed Australian restaurant Oz together, the couple had trouble agreeing on things, and they broke up before Season 3. Michael and Ashley were able to get back together, but they soon had to deal with rumors about Michael being gay.

In 2018, a crew member said Michael touched him, but the charges were dropped later. The other actors wondered if Michael had said anything se*ually explicit about Juan Dixon, and they talked about the rumors that Michael had a lover. Ashley and Michael had two sons together.

In April 2022, Ashley said they were splitting up for the second time. On the first episode of Season 7 of RHOP, Ashley talked at length for the first time about the breakup. Michael and Ashley, do they still go out? Read on to find out what's going on with their marriage now.

“RHOP” Stars Ashley and Michael Darby, Are They Still Together?

Ashley told The Daily Dish in April 2022 that she and Michael were no longer together.”When Michael and I said “I do” almost eight years ago, we planned to spend every day together from then on,” Ashley said at the beginning of her statement. “Sadly, that is not how things are right now. We've chosen to go our separate ways.”

Ashley and Michael Darby Divorce

“We know many people will guess why we made this decision. People will conclude that the problem was caused by too much reality TV getting in the way of our private lives, differences in age, culture, or how children are raised, “she went on.

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“All of these things may have changed our love for each other in small ways, but none of them is the main reason we decided to go our separate ways. We are in very different places in our lives right now and have other plans for the future.

We both want the other person to be pleased and fulfilled, but we don't think we can make that happen together…”The RHOP O.G. has not yet filed for divorce, though (in Virginia, where the spouses reside, married couples must be separated for a year before getting divorced).

Ashley and Michael are no longer together at the start of Season 7, but she is in the process of buying a house with her ex. Unsurprisingly, her co-stars, Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon, don't understand this move. On the other hand, Ashley says she is done with her marriage.

Ashley and Michael Darby Divorce

As viewers know, Ashley and Michael's prenuptial agreement ended after five years of marriage. When Ashley told Michael about the split, they married for eight years. She said during a confessional that she now has the right to half of Michael's assets. When a producer asked her how much she would get, she acted shy.

Michael Darby Will Not Be on Season 7 of “RHOP”

Michael was often criticized on RHOP from Seasons 1 to 6, but he stayed on the show to support his wife. But after he and his wife broke up, Michael decided to stop being on the Bravo show.

 Ashley and Michael Darby Divorce

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Ashley said that her ex-boyfriend would not be on the new season. “Michael has decided to want no longer to be on the show, and I understand that. It was hard for him because he couldn't be alone for a while, “Ashley told the news station.

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“Yes, he did some of it himself, but he just wanted to get his life back. He says, ‘I'm 62, and I just want my life back,' and I respect that.”Michael's time on RHOP is over… for now. He was in the hot seat for six years.