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Ashes of Creation Season 2 Release Date: the Full Game Overview!

Several new massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) are expected to launch in 2021, giving players more variety beyond the highly acclaimed World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. New World, Amazon's foray into the genre, will release in the coming months, while Ashes of Creation, developed by Intrepid Studios, will enter alpha testing.

Players' actions in Ashes of Creation have real-world repercussions, offering a fresh spin on the traditional massively multiplayer online game genre. With so much expectation placed upon it and so many avid Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) fans around the world, you may be wondering when you will have your chance to join in on the fun.

When Will the Ashes of Creation Be Available for Purchase?

At this time, we don't have a confirmed release date for the game. This month, though, alpha testing is expected to ramp up, bringing us closer to the release date.

Over the course of four years, from the initial alpha tests in early 2017 to many tests across all game types in late 2018, the Intrepid team has worked tirelessly to craft the finest game possible. None of them had been accessible to the general public or televised to a wide audience until the 9th of July.

ashes of creation release date

During the alpha testing phase, users won't be required to sign any non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in order to share their experiences playing the game with others.

From July 9-11, the first preview weekend alpha will be held. Ashes of Creation will soon after enter its Alpha One phase, which will last from July 14 to August 13. The game's wiki details a release timeline that includes two additional alpha tests and two Beta releases before the final release.

If you don't make the cut for the preview test this weekend, you'll still have a chance to participate when Alpha One testing begins later this month. Access to this feature is restricted until the Adventurer Pre-Order package is purchased. Even though it's pricey, you'll have access to rare goodies and extra gaming time for when the game is finally published in its final form.

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What is the Plot?

Starting on a “fallen world unspoiled by civilizations,” it's up to you to do whatever you like: establish a rule, found a town, or do nothing at all. Collectively, the participants' choices will determine the nature of the planet. There won't be a single identical globe or server throughout the entire game.

You can select from four different races and eight different sub-races when making your character: Aela Humans (with the Kaelar and Vaelune sub-races), Pyrian Elves (with the Empyrean and Py'rai sub-races), Kaivek Orcs (with the Ren'Kai and Vek sub-races), and Dünzenkell Dwarves (with the Dünir and Niküa sub-races). A huge win for role-playing game enthusiasts is the inclusion of detailed histories for each playable race.

In addition, you can pick from eight standard RPG-style primary classes: the Mage, Summoner, Cleric, Bard, Fighter, Tank, Ranger, and Rogue. You'll have a tonne of room to play around with your character's look and feel thanks to the game's secondary class system, which unlocks as you level up to give you access to all 64 possible builds.


There are currently no plans to port Ashes of Creation to consoles, so PC gamers will be the only ones able to enjoy it.

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It's possible that the team will consider other platforms for the MMO's continued existence as development continues, but for the time being (as of April 1, 2022) the team feels confident in saying that Ashes of Creation will be available exclusively on PC.

The Ability to Modify Individual Characters

Ashes of Creation is a robust character creation system that lets players make characters as unique or grounded in realism as they like.

ashes of creation release date

Many sliders and shaders will be available to players of AoC, allowing them to customize every aspect of their appearance down to the sort of hair in their beard. The game features multiple playable races, one of which is the fan-favorite Vek.

As part of a blending system, players can customize their characters by selecting a base appearance and then adding elements from a variety of other available templates.

So, if you wanted to design a group of related NPCs, you could simply drag and drop features from one character onto another to give them a similar appearance.

World That Reacts

Your actions and advancement inside the AoC universe will affect the way the world acts.

According to Intrepid Studios‘ Community Marketing Lead, Ashes of Creation will be a “living, breathing, reacting cosmos” that will “change reliant on player engagement.” Your actions will alter the Zones of Influence and level Nodes, allowing you to build massive Cities and affect how the world looks and feels for everyone.

The world bosses, economy, player businesses, artisan classes, and naval combat are all up for grabs, depending on your decisions.

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Trailers of Ashes of Creation

Ashes of Creation's official YouTube channel claims that their initial gameplay and setting video first appeared five years ago.

The Environment trailer gives players a greater feel for the game's setting by showcasing some of the game's roughly 18 biomes, including the Jungle, Riverlands, Forest, and Snowy Mountains. To show how far the studio has come, it has given a 4K look at the biomes, focusing on the tropical biome.

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