How Rich Is Ash Barty? Earnings of a Tennis Champion Over Their Career

Ash Barty, Australia's retiring tennis champion, will laugh all the way to the bank after amassing a net worth of at least $47 million. Barty made $32 million throughout her 11-year playing career, in addition to an estimated $15 million in endorsements and sponsorships, according to Forbes.

Barty's off-court fortune is unlikely to be depleted just because she has retired, given her enormous public appeal. With her retirement announcement on Wednesday, the adored Queenslander stunned the athletic world, despite just being 25 years old.

Ashleigh Barty 2021 - Net Worth, Salary, and Endorsements

The only difference is that she does it with a substantial sum of money in her bank account, has become the richest Australian tennis player of all time.

However, even though she is retiring one month before she turns 26, Barty is anticipated to be inducted into the tennis hall of fame, partly due to her current reign of 114 straight weeks at No. 1, which is the fourth-longest in the history of women's tennis.
Barty had been preparing to retire for more than a year when she startled the tennis world by announcing her decision to leave the sport.

During a video message uploaded on her Instagram account on Wednesday morning, the Queenslander revealed that she was quitting the sport after almost three years as the world's best player. She said she is spent in an emotional interview with her old doubles partner, Casey Dellacqua, in which she broke down in tears.

No longer do I have the physical drive, emotional desire, or anything else necessary to challenge me at the highest levels of competition. ‘I'm completely exhausted.' Pat Rafter, a two-time US Open winner, informed 3AW Barty that she was retiring to enjoy the remainder of her life.

Ash Barty Net Worth 2022: Why Did She Get Retired!

That adventure is set to begin with the construction of her dream house, which she will share with her fiance, pro golfer Garry Kissick, on a multi-million-dollar Queensland estate.

Following the purchase of a vacant plot in Brookwater, in Brisbane's west, for $882,000 late last year, the 2021 Wimbledon champion recently disclosed that the pair intends to build a home in the neighborhood.

Brookwater is a residential enclave in Brisbane's western suburbs that is home to the Brookwater Golf Course, which was built by Greg Norman. According to reports in the Daily Mail Australia, Barty was sleeping at a house close to the land she acquired while her own home was being constructed.

The film, which was released by Brookwater Residential, featured Barty discussing how she had been collaborating with architects to prioritize outside space. Barty grew raised in the area and says in the film that she ‘couldn't fathom living anywhere else if she weren't traveling the world'. Barty has a son and a daughter.

The world No. 1 ranking was achieved by Barty on June 24, 2019, and she maintained it with strong finishes in grand slams for the following two and a half years. She won 15 singles titles during that period.

Ash Barty on Twitter: "Missing the last minute puppy seatbelt checks before we set off for play dates 👀🐾🐶🚙 #FPace #Jaguar" / Twitter

A total of $32 million in prize money and millions more in sponsorships were garnered as a result of her numerous triumphs, which included 12 doubles titles, many of which she shared with Casey Dellacqua.

According to Forbes, Barty earned $3 million from sponsorships in the year she surpassed her predecessor as the most powerful woman in the world.

Since then, she has won two more grand slam titles – Wimbledon in 2021 and the Australian Open this year – and has maintained her number one ranking. Her off-court earnings for the last two seasons very definitely would have at least equaled her earnings for the previous season.

Ash Barty on Twitter: "Boot space ✔️ of approval from the Gorgeous Gremlins 😈 #FPace #Jaguar" / Twitter

Although she is retiring, she has endorsement contracts with companies such as Jaguar, Vegemite, Fila, Rado, Head, Marriott Bonvoy, and Uber Eats, among others. After uploading a selfie of herself inside a Jaguar luxury automobile on Instagram in November of last year, Barty became the envy of her fans.

The two-time Grand Slam winner, who was dressed to impress with a fancy watch and sunglasses, sent an accompanying note that said, “Day 1 of preseason… I'm still debating whether or not to get out of the automobile.'

It is unclear how her retirement will affect those contracts, but given Barty's immense popularity, it is doubtful that she would become less enticing to businesses as a result of her departure.

Ashleigh Barty Net Worth: Australian Tennis Player's Assets & Earnings - Finance Rewind

According to some estimates, Barty's earnings place her as the 14th highest-paid female tennis player of all time. She is also the highest-paid Australian tennis player in history, earning far more than any of her male counterparts.

Lleyton Hewitt and Sam Stosur each earned around $28 million over the course of their long careers, while Rafter earned approximately $15 million. Nick Kyrgios has earned $12.5 million thus far, and Bernard Tomic has earned around $8.4 million. Dellacqua has been awarded a total of $5.6 million.

Barty's decision to retire will undoubtedly spark many conjectures about whether she will later change her decision and increase her wealth, especially given that she is still so young and has previously departed the sport.

Ashleigh Barty Married To Husband Or Dating? | VergeWiki

In 2014, Barty took an extended vacation from tennis to play cricket with the Brisbane Heat, a team that he founded. For many years, Barty has been a sought-after asset for tennis and lifestyle companies.

It was after she won the Wimbledon Girls' Singles championship at the age of 15 that she first gained attention as a marketable figure in 2011.

In 2017, Barty broke into the top 20 of the women's racking rankings – a position in which players are more appealing to marketers since they compete in the final stages of international events – being the first Australian to do so.


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