Asap Rocky Dating Timeline 2022: Celebrities Ranging From Kendall Jenner to Rihanna!

A$AP Rocky has shed his Lothario persona and declared himself a one-woman man following his public declaration of Love for his girlfriend, Rihanna.

In addition, the couple announced in January 2022 that they are expecting their first child together! After being romantically linked since 2013, when he toured with her on her Diamonds World Tour, the ‘Praise The Lord' rapper has reportedly been dating the singer and founder of Fenty Beauty since late 2019.

Rocky has a reputation for being a bit of a ladies' man in the past, so in case you missed it, here's a comprehensive list of the rapper's previous girlfriends and alleged flings, in case you forgot.


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1. Rihanna

ASAP Rocky Dating Timeline
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A$AP Rocky's rumblings about Rocky and Rihanna's relationship began in January 2020, just a few months after the singer's breakup with businessman Hassan Jameel, with whom she had been dating for three years at the time.

Earlier in the day, the longtime friends were spotted kissing on the red carpet at the 2020 Yams Day Benefit Concert in New York City, just a few hours after walking the red carpet together at the Fashion Awards at London's Royal Albert Hall.

According to reports, the couple was spotted enjoying each other's company on multiple occasions in New York City in December 2020, confirming that they were still in the early stages of their relationship.

Rocky, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, was later spotted on vacation with Rihanna in her home country of Barbados, where they were both born.

The rapper broke his silence about their relationship during a GQ cover interview in May 2020, in which he referred to the singer of the hit song ‘Wild Thoughts' as “the One.”

Rocky described Rihanna as “The love of my life,” as he swooned over her before referring to her as “My lady.” In comparison to the alternative, he believes being in a relationship is “so much better.”

“It's a whole lot better when you find the One. “She's probably equivalent to a million of the other ones,” Rocky opined. “I think when you know, you know,” he continued. She's the One, believe it or not.”

2. Kendall Jenner

ASAP Rocky Dating Timeline
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Even though Rocky and Kendall Jenner had been friends for several years before their first romantic relationship, they became romantically linked in 2016.

The rumored couple has been spotted together on numerous occasions worldwide, from Paris and New York to Miami and Jenner's hometown of Los Angeles, among other places.

At Coachella in April 2020, it was reported that they were “all over each other,” and the rumors were all but confirmed at the Met Gala the following month.

Photo evidence shows them clinging to each other's hips throughout the evening before a Snapchat from Kim Kardashian effectively sealed their relationship.

It appeared that Kendall and Rocky were sharing a private moment when Kylie Jenner bent down to snap a photo of them with her phone.

Kendall stood with her back to the camera as Rocky grabbed her behind the back of her neck with both hands as they appeared to be on the verge of sharing a kiss on the lips.

Neither party ever publicly confirmed the rumors that they were true.

3. Tahiry Jose

ASAP Rocky Dating Timeline

Tahiry Jose, a Love & Hip Hop: New York star, was romantically linked to A$AP Rocky around the same time the rapper was rumored to be dating Kendall Jenner.

According to reports, Jose's friend claimed that Jose and Rocky had been involved in a secretive on-and-off relationship for approximately three years before the incident occurred.

During the 2017 Met Gala, she claimed that Jose became “very emotional” after Rocky was spotted looking cozy with Kendall during the evening's festivities.

“The first time Tahiry saw A$AP Rocky and Kendall Jenner together on television, she broke down and sobbed in front of me. But I had to tell her that you guys aren't exclusive in the first place, “According to a friend.

Either party did not confirm the rumors.

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4. Rita Ora

ASAP Rocky Dating Timeline
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Rocky's alleged fling with British singer Rita Ora was shrouded in controversy when it was made public.

In May 2015, the rapper came under fire for his remarks about her on his album At. Long. He was forced to apologize.

Last. A$AP performed the song ‘Better Things,' which featured the following lyric:

“I swear to you, Rita Ora is a b**ch with a big mouth.
I'm thinking about cursing her the next time I see her.
I kicked the b**ch out of the house once because she b**ched.
Spit my children out, j***ed everything up in her mouth, and made her bounce off the walls.”

Rocky later clarified his remarks in an interview with a news outlet. “I just want to clarify, and this isn't me saying: People don't go listen to Rita Ora, or she's an ugly person or nothing,” he said.

In a previous relationship, I did things with her that I wasn't supposed to do, and she had a big mouth. “I'm not saying she's a terrible person, and I'm just saying that when I was in a relationship, and I did things with her that I wasn't supposed to do, she had a big mouth.”

Ora described Rocky's lyrics as “tasteless” in an interview with Glamour magazine, and she added that “disrespecting women” is not acceptable.

“It is not about me at all. It's not cool at all.” “It's about women,” she explained. “It's about women being disrespected.”

“There's more to a person than the person you're currently dating… Let's be crystal clear about this. Please don't dismiss what I've accomplished in my professional life because of someone I was dating – if I was even dating that person in the first place, which was not the case. I was not one of them. And I have no plans to do so in the future.”

5. Chanel Iman

ASAP Rocky Dating Timeline
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The relationship between Rocky and Victoria's Secret model Chanel Iman began in the spring of 2013. They mostly kept their relationship a secret, but they did appear together at several events and on the red carpet.

After the rapper proposed to Iman, who “happily accepted,” reports surfaced in April 2014 that the couple had become engaged.

However, due to their hectic travel schedules, the couple decided to cancel their engagement and separate it six months later.

6. Iggy Azalea

ASAP Rocky Dating Timeline
Source: Glamour

Rocky met Iggy Azalea in 2011 through a mutual friend.

During their relationship, Iggy got a tattoo of Rocky's debut mixtape, Love.

In a January 2021 interview with Vibe Magazine, Iggy implied Rocky got a tattoo in her honor.

“I adore him. In our way, and I'm not the only one with tattoos, “they said.

“Sure, I'll say. [Laughs] I'm the only One with it!”

After the breakup, Iggy reportedly crossed out the ‘A$AP' part of her tattoo.

His family was “sad when it ended with Iggy as she was such a lovely girl, and so down to earth.” according to Kari Mayers, A$AP Rocky's stepmother.