Are Zach and Molly Still Together From Love Island UK Season 10?

Zacharian Nolan and Molly Marsh were two Love Island UK candidates in Season 10. Love Island UK is an ITV2 reality TV dating series that follows a group of gorgeous participants, often known as islanders, as they fall in love in a private villa on a tropical island.

The original Love Island series began on ITV in 2005, but it wasn't until it was revived on ITV2 in 2015 that it became an international phenomenon, watched by millions of viewers around the world.

The show, which is one of the highest-rated reality TV series in the United Kingdom, has also resulted in real-life marriages and babies for couples who met as contestants.

But back to Zach and Molly. Are Zach and Molly still dating from Love Island UK Season 10? Read on to find out where the 2023 fourth-place finalists are currently.

Are Zach and Molly still together?

No, Zach and Molly are not dating. After just over seven months of dating, Molly and Zach have formally announced their split, deciding that they'd be better off as friends.

The couple issued statements announcing the news, emphasizing that the split was amicable and that they remained friends.

“Love Island's Molly Marsh and Zachariah Noble have decided to end their relationship in the last week,” the statement went on to say. “They both are still extremely close friends and will be supporting each other in their next ventures.”

Are Zach and Molly Still Together

“The relationship ended on excellent terms for both of them, and they just want the best for each other. They have both stated, ‘Relationships don't have to always end badly, and sometimes parting as friends with the nicest memories is the best thing for everyone.'”

While the sentiment should be commended, we can't help but wonder if this split is as amicable as they claim. After all, Molly and Zach had already deleted each other's Instagrams.

The duo were photographed enjoying a romantic couple trip to Finland just two months ago, so the breakup couldn't have been long in coming. It arrived less than two months ago. Molly had also gotten both of their zodiac signs tattooed on her wrist, and they had spent Christmas together.

Something must have changed recently to trigger the breakup, and fans believe it was due to Zach's partying lifestyle.

Especially given that the reality star recently went on a social media rant about cleaning up his life.”I'm going to quit drinking and smoking tomorrow. Nights out. Late evenings. “I'm devoting the next six months of my life to the gym,” he told his Instagram followers.

“I am retired. Boots have been hanging up. It's time I stopped playing around. Cheers to the grind!Documenting and educating people about how devotion and focus can transform their lives.

Zach appears to have enjoyed his post-Love Island celebrity a little too much, and he is now ready to reclaim control of his life and walk away from social media.

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“It's so easy to get caught up in this ‘temporary fun',” he wrote on Instagram.”Stepping out, social media, and alcohol are all temptations that hold you back and distract you from what matters in life.”

“I have never been a sheep. I need to quit following the crowd. “If you're not grinding in this life, what are you living for?”

Was Molly the reason Zach wanted to clean up his act? Was the breakup a wake-up call for him?

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