Are Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin Still Together From Big Brother?

The reality television phenomenon “Big Brother” has introduced audiences to a myriad of personalities, alliances, and unexpected romances over the years.

Since its premiere in 2000, TLC's “Big Brother,” a reality TV phenomenon based on the Dutch program of the same name, has provided pure entertainment. The CBS reality show centers on a group of contestants known as “Houseguests,” who reside in a remote, specially constructed home under constant camera and microphone surveillance.

Among the couples that left a lasting impression are Taylor and Joseph, whose connection inside the Big Brother house captivated viewers. Their chemistry made their supporters publicly back them.

Since the end of the season was some time ago, fans should be curious to find out how their relationship is going. Here's what we discovered in case the same questions are bothering you!

As fans continue to follow their journey, the burning question remains: Are Taylor and Joseph still together after the cameras stopped rolling?

Are Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin Still Together?

Joseph Abdin and Taylor Hale are no longer together. When Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin announced their separation in April 2023, their romantic tale came to an end. They decided to part ways even though they gained a lot of admirers on “Big Brother” and acknowledged their relationship.

The pair agreed to remain best friends after breaking up in a responsible manner. This demonstrates how much they value and respect one another.

Are Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin Still Together

Their racial differences made their friendship all the more significant. The show's portrayal of them moved and encouraged many viewers.

Because of their close friendship, Taylor and Joseph will always be there for each other even when their romantic tale has ended. This will have a long-lasting effect on the “Big Brother” neighborhood.

Who are Joseph Abdin and Taylor Hale?

During season 24 of “Big Brother,” Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin experienced many thrilling events and formed meaningful relationships.

Taylor earned the coveted title of season winner thanks to her outstanding performance. While all of that was going on, Joseph gained notoriety as a result of his appearance at home.

Even though they didn't strive for a showmance, Taylor and Joseph's relationship improved over the season, and their connection was obvious to everyone. Supporters were enthralled with the plot of their real link, and they excitedly followed their interactions as they assisted them on their travels.

Following the conclusion of the season, Taylor and Joseph made their relationship public, much to the delight of their supporters and solidifying their status as a cherished pair within the “Big Brother” community.

Joseph and Taylor's Big Brother Journey

It was interesting to watch Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin embark on a journey during the 24th season of “Big Brother.” Fans were unhappy when Taylor, a personal stylist and former Miss Michigan USA, had a difficult time at first in the house due to the way some of the other cast members treated her.

Are Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin Still Together

Taylor had the support of her friend Joseph, a lawyer and houseguest, during those trying weeks. Their friendship developed into something more as the summer went on.

Their romance endured despite certain blunders that Taylor and Joseph made as a result of false information that other houseguests provided. Joseph praised Taylor's resilience and strength, and their friendship only deepened.

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Many viewers felt that Joseph departed the show too soon after he was demoted to ninth place. However, their story did not finish there since they came out as a couple after the show concluded.

Why Did Joseph and Taylor Breakup?

Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin were forced to deal with reality after vacating the “Big Brother” home. They had been dating for six months until Jaylor announced their breakup. The lawyer and personal trainer shared a message that the beauty queen posted to her Instagram story on April 19.

“Joseph and I have decided to love and support each other as best friends going forward,” the writer said. “At this moment, we understand what's best for our futures together.”

Us Weekly learned that the reason behind the separation was a long-distance romance. Hale wasn't prepared to go to Florida permanently, despite having attended Florida State University and earning her

degree there. Her native state is Michigan, although she travels all over the country for work as a TV personality and former Miss Michigan, from Washington, D.C., to Arizona.

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Hale posted on her Instagram story, “This decision was made with lots of love, care, and recognition of how important our relationship is to both of us.” Here, love is not lost! We will always hold significance for one another. Regardless of our relationship status, we will always be Jaylor.

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