Are Tayler and Chance Still Together From Life After Lockup? Here’s What We Know!

The world of reality television often provides viewers with a captivating glimpse into the lives of individuals who have experienced unique and challenging circumstances. The popular show ‘Life After Lockup' is no exception, showcasing the post-incarceration journeys of couples navigating the complexities of life after prison.

Among the featured pairs, Tayler and Chance have captured the attention of fans with their tumultuous yet compelling relationship. As viewers eagerly follow their story, the burning question remains: Are Tayler and Chance still together?

Are Chance and Tayler still together?

It seems like Chance and Tayler are no longer together. In November 2023, several followers were tipped off when Chance began publishing content with a lady other than Tayler. Her name was believed to be Alyssa, and she was 24 years old.

TikTok user @accordingtoamber1 captured copies of their images and put them into a video, proving that the former felon even allowed Alyssa to meet his kid Mason.

Are Tayler and Chance Still Together

In January 2024, Tayler's sister, Bobbie Pretty Axx Twotimes, posted an article on Facebook claiming that Chance's new girlfriend had dumped him. After viewing the post, Tayler responded with the facts, claiming that the news was fake and that Chance was still seeing her.

“They are still together; she was only released for a few days. He's gone, so she's attempting to return as soon as possible,” the reality star wrote, confirming her ex's departure.

According to admirers on Twitter, Chance and Alyssa originally maintained a joint Instagram account with the handle @alyssa_chance77, but it has since been removed. However, as far as we know, Chance is still seeing Alyssa. And Tayler is thought to be unmarried.

Chance and Tayler's Journey on Life After Lockup

Tayler George and Chance Pitt's relationship stood out as proof of love's power to withstand even the most difficult situations. The couple originally appeared on the reality show during seasons 4 and 5, when viewers watched a love story that conquered the odds.

Tayler George, a strong mother of three, became involved in a web of emotions while she awaited Chance Pitt's release from prison. Despite the physical distance between them, their friendship grew with each episode.

Are Tayler and Chance Still Together

Following Tayler's release, fans saw Chance move into his life and house, becoming a blended family with her three daughters. Tayler's life had been fraught with difficulties; her twin sister, Bobbie, a recovering addict, added to the household's complexities.

Tayler, still reeling from the loss of her first love and the father of her two eldest girls, struck a careful balance in recreating her family. Chance, who appeared to be a beacon of hope, entered the scene with the promise of a better future. True love, on the other hand, has never been easy.

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Chance, armed with his own set of expectations, expressed anxiety about Bobbie's presence in their home. As the complexities of their relationship unfurled on screen, it became clear that love may not be enough to overcome the obstacles they faced.

Financial difficulties, along with Chance's claimed schemes and spending habits, produced a tempest that Tayler, obviously unaware of its full depth, had to weather. While their story began with hope and promise, it hinted at underlying tensions that would finally lead to a devastating twist.

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