Are Subodh and Rachel Still Together From ‘Love on the Spectrum’ Season 1?

“Love on the Spectrum,” the heartwarming and insightful reality series, has captivated audiences with its genuine portrayal of individuals on the autism spectrum navigating the complexities of love and relationships. One couple that garnered significant attention during the U.S. edition of the show is Subodh and Rachel.

As fans eagerly follow their journey, the burning question remains: Are Subodh and Rachel still together?

Are Subodh and Rachel Still Together?

Subodh and Rachel, who started dating in Season 1 of Love on the Spectrum, are no longer together.

In October 2022, Subodh's family posted a message about him and Rachel on his Instagram account. “Subodh and Rachel are no longer a couple. “They will, however, continue to be friends.”

According to the statement, Subodh was “so grateful to Rachel, her family, and the crew of the show for his first relationship.” Subodh's family indicated that he was “doing ok” after his split and would be taking some time to himself before returning to the dating scene.

Are Subodh and Rachel Still Together

As a recap, Subodh and Rachel had three dates during Season 1. Although Subodh did not enjoy watching television as much as Rachel did, he learned to be interested in her interests and asked her about her favorite shows, American Idol and Dancing With the Stars.

He also learned how to be a gentleman by performing activities such as pulling out a chair for her when they sat down at a restaurant.

Why did Subodh and Rachel break up?

Subodh and Rachel's relationship blossomed under the distinctive perspective of Love on the Spectrum, U.S. The couple's relationship became a central theme of the show through their conversations, which were characterized by sincere curiosity and understanding of one another's lives. However, the pair decided to part ways.

Many people were surprised to learn that Subodh and Rachel had split up. Subodh's family delivered the word of their separation via an emotional Instagram post on October 18, 2022. The message stressed that, while their love connection was over, their friendship would endure. The statement, titled “A note to the fans”, read,

“Hi everyone! this is the Gargs speaking on behalf of Subodh. A lot of people have been asking about Subodh and Rachel lately. We would like to share that Subodh and Rachel are no longer together as a couple. They are, however, going to remain friends going forward.”

“Subodh has appreciated the experience that he had through Love on the Spectrum US and is so grateful to Rachel, her family, and the crew of the show for his first relationship. He is doing okay and is taking a little time before he starts to get out there again to meet someone special!

Thank you to all the fans for their love and support this year. We appreciate you so much!”

The family's statements conveyed a sense of thankfulness, recognizing Rachel's important role in Subodh's life as well as the show's crew's beneficial influence. This announcement represented the end of a chapter for Subodh and Rachel, but it also demonstrated their maturity and respect as they opted to move forward.

Subodh's journey changed after the show. He chose not to return for Love on the Spectrum U.S. Season 2, instead focusing on personal growth and fresh beginnings. Subodh's life took a positive turn in June 2023, when he began dating Katina Gerstein.

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A new chapter in Subodh's life has begun thanks to their relationship, which has grown stronger through shared experiences and understanding.

Katina, an advocate for people with MALS, contributes a new perspective to their relationship, strengthening it even more. They negotiate life's complications together, savoring each moment with genuine affection.

Subodh and Katina begin a new journey of companionship and understanding, but Rachel's path after the show remains more private. Respecting her space and choices, the emphasis remains on her contributions to the program and the influence she had on the audience. Rachel's colorful presence and honest portrayal of love on the spectrum in the U.S. inspired and shed focus on the many ways people experience and express love.

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