Are Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine Still Together From Purple Hearts?

The summer of 2022 saw Netflix's new release of the original romantic drama film “Purple Hearts,” which quickly and unexpectedly became one of the streaming platform's most popular titles. The film, starring Nicholas Galitzine and Sofia Carson, was a big success, with fans eagerly anticipating a future sequel.

The film “Purple Hearts,” based on Tess Wakefield's novel of the same name, follows Cassie, an aspiring singer-songwriter played by Sofia Carson, and Luke, a wounded Marine played by Nicholas Galitzine. The two people form a cozy relationship, which finally grows into a true love story, defying the odds.

In this article, we'll delve into the details and explore whether Nicholas Galitzine and Sofia Carson are still together.

Are Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine dating?

The costars may be together in Purple Hearts, but they are not dating in real life. Both performers appear to keep their romances private, having never been in a public relationship since their ascent to prominence.

Are Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine Still Together?

Sofia revealed in a January 2022 interview with Extra that keeping her personal life hidden is an “absolutely intentional” decision. So, it's unclear whether she's on or off the market!

“To me, it's about my art, the music, and the films that I put out into the world and not about my personal life,” what I do with my “Loud” singer said. “I still enjoy sharing personal moments with followers, but I decided to keep my private life private because that is not what this is about for me. It's not just about that.

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Sofia has also stated that she would never date anyone in the entertainment industry, so it is quite improbable that Nicholas and Sofia are dating. “I decided about two years ago that I don't want to date anyone in the [entertainment] business,” she added to Cosmopolitan in May 2019. “So, as you can imagine, that makes it a little bit difficult.”

Are Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine friends?

Sofia characterized her relationship with Nicholas as “immediate” during an interview with People Magazine in July 2022. She also claimed that the two co-stars first met on Zoom and began filming the day after they met in person.

“We didn't get to meet until the night before we started shooting, and so we did not know each other,” Carson was quoted as saying by the newspaper. “The next day, our characters were married. The following day, they confessed their love for one another. The following day, he was deployed to Iraq. The following day, there was a love scene in the motel. So we got into this picture, and we had to establish pretty quick trust with each other.”

Furthermore, when questioned about a sequel, both actors stated that they are entirely committed to reprising their roles. “We'll see what happens,” Nicholas assured People Magazine in August 2022.

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“Even privately, we joke about what would happen and how we might continue the plot because the script would have to be good. It would need to make sense. It would need to work. There are numerous possible outcomes, and we'll wait to see if this is the appropriate tale. But it's awesome to see people clamoring for a second one.”

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