Love Is Blind: Are Sal and Mallory Still Together?

Are Sal and Mallory Still Together: Couples that got married or broke up in the season 2 finale of Love Is Blind were a big plot point. Fans are eager for an update on Mallory and Sal's romance after the program ended, in which they hinted that they would try to make their relationship work after the show ended. Are Sal and Mallory still together? Everything we know about Mallory and Sal's history together is outlined below.

What Happened In The Love Is Blind Finale?

A lot of people's favorites Mallory Zapata & Salvador Perez's wedding was one of the most touching in recent memory. The couple was respectful even after they decided not to be married. Sal went to great lengths to tell Mallory's loved ones how much she meant to him.

Sal broke the news to Mallory that they wouldn't be getting married after all: “I cannot. I think what I really need is more time. Mallory appeared to accept Sal's choice & the two had a talk after the ceremony.

Are Sal and Mallory Still Together

When the final episode of Love Is Blind ended, Mal & Sal seemed to be on good terms despite the uncertainty of their future together. What's more, Mal consented to Sal's proposal that they go on a date away from prying eyes when Sal proposed it, so we're all left wondering if they went on any actual dates.

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What Happened at the Love Is Blind Reunion?

Mallory and Sal broke up after Love Is Blind, which they discussed in the season 2 reunion episode. The exes clarified that their post-show coffee date had not progressed romantically. Sal admitted that he was really upset to see Mal's flirtatious on-screen interaction with Jarrette in Mexico, despite the fact that he and Mal got along fine otherwise. It appears that Mal and Sal's relationship just wasn't meant to be.

Are Sal and Mallory Still Together?

In the absence of a more definitive amicable breakup, the fact that Mallory and Sal continue to follow one other on Instagram has been interpreted by some as a hopeful indicator that the couple is still together.

Are Sal and Mallory Still Together

However, it was made abundantly plain that there was no longer a relationship between these two in the March 4 reunion episode. Following the wedding, Mallory & her new husband went out for coffee, but “the connection wasn't really there,” she said.

“There was no use in pressing on.” Things appear to be pleasant overall, however, Sal did explain why he turned down the wedding: He claims that he felt “unheard” “many” times during their fights.

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